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 Is it better to take a Multivitamin (like Centrium) or take different vitamin supplements?
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 My cold won't go away...?
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 Headache problems!?
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 Is it hot water and then cold or vice versa to cure constipation?

 Is there a way to losen ear wax with hot salt?
seriously i read a remedy in First magazine about this but can't remember how to do it exactly. but it had something to do with heating 2 cups of salt and putting it in a sock and laying your ...

 Question about IB Profen?
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 How do i cure nausea ?
i have a sick feeling in my stomach and i dont noe what to ...

 Sluggish around my period?
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 What's the best remedy for nausea?
I suffer from anxiety and panic attacks, and so am nautious a great deal of the time. I'm so worried to go on the bus just incase I throw up. So what would you say is the best remedy for nausea?...

 Natural cures for fungus toe?
The side effects of drugs for fungus toe are bad.Anyone had succes using over the counter remidies or other cures?...

 Has anybody used zyban?
This is a tablet for smokers who wish to quit.And does anyone know if this is available in uk yet.?...

 Where can I find a doctor who prescribes Marijuana in California?

 Smokers?>? anybody try to quit using Chantix???
i got a prescription for it... anything good or bad about chantix... tell me all
Additional Details
we all know john s is still ...

 What is best medicene for ulcer?

 What can I do to make swallowing big pills easy?

 Benefits of garlic?
is it just me or do you think it pretty much heals any cold or sore throat??? i think it works miracles on me.. i was sick yesterday, i grated six cloves and swallowed them (NO chewing i can't ...

 What is some homeopathic remedies for yeast all over the body?
I have thrush as an adult now for 4 days, yeast infection, secondary infection of yeast on my scalp, and face. I have been given 150mg of Diflucan and Nystatin for my throat. I get a terrible yeast ...

 Does anybody know of natural medicines to treat sleep disorders?
Current taking dexamphetamine for sleep apnea, but causes extreme weight loss want something natural, doctors thinks ritalin but dont want to go there....

Where can i buy an enema kit?
I know they have these kits where you can do an enema at home. Does anyone know anything about this? Where can you purchase these? What are the side effects? does it hurt a lot? I know that it si supposed to help with constipation...I have to take medication that causes sever constipation and oral laxatives seem to not help at all.

You can get one at the drugstore with all the information included and if still in doubt talk to the pharmacist. He will guide you on the proper way to use one. They are not very expensive and yes they do help relieve pressure of not having a bowel movement.
I use it once or twice a week. And if I have a loose bowel movement or diarrhea then I do it more, because the system is trying to get rid of something it does not need. So cleansing is the next best thing to having the flu or other disease you don't want or need.

Bell Air

They sell them at walmart & any drug store just look 4 them.you'll poop alot & yes it hurts it goes up your butt silly.Good Luck

You can buy a "Fleet" enema at any local drug store or grocery store even. They are not kits - it's just a bottle that looks very similar to a douche bottle.
There are no side effects.
Basically what happens, is that it gets up inside your colon and softens the stool so that you can go.
It doesn't really hurt, but it is uncomfortable using it - and then again as the stool softens, you will feel uncomfortable (basically like you do when you have diarrhea, because essentially that's what it's going to turn into) So you may do some cramping and what not - but that is normal.

Kelly Bundy
e bay

You can pick one up at your local pharmacy, as for the rest of you questions: Ask the pharmacist

Try Walgreens

i'm a rock star
grocery store, i used to work at one and i know we sold them. they were near the laxatives and stuff, bottom shelf.

i wouldnt know what they are like from experience, ive never purchased one

Hannah B
pharmacy or the medicine isle in a grocery store or Walmart

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