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Whats the best thing to clean out my system? (My body)?
I would prefer pills but I know some come in liquid form.

Water is ecellent for cleansing of the system, and Mangosteen juice will help the cells and the immune system.

Mangosteen has, anti-bacterial effects, anti-fungal effects, acid-lowering effects, and NO major side effects.

Diet + execise + supplementation (mangosteen) = Optimal health.

Drugs are dangerous and foods, as supplements, are not.



jane l
try the 21 day herbal cleanse from myhealthabcmall.com, it s just two tablets in the morning and two in the evening. Its so good and you will notice such a difference right away. Its all natural herbs too so no nasty side effects or anything. I use it every two or three months, its great.

I am going to make the assumption that you are talking about a overall body detoxification of heavy metals, waste buildup, and parasites. I just completed a EASY 3 month full body cleanse that I got from drnatura.com and got unbelievable results from it. Check it out and see what you think. There are alot of products on the market that make you think they are THE THING to detoxify your body, but none of them worked as well as the program from drnatura. Plus, my doctor referred me and I had several clients that also did the same program with similar amazing results, so I felt good about trying it myself. Oh, and you do drink 64 oz of purified water on the program, so you will get PLENTY of water. Good luck

The best one: clay.
Read about clay:


green stuff- try liquid chloraphil then fast for as many days that you need to tell you are cleaned out- drink water 1 quart for every 50 lbs

Water is the best- along with a teaspoon of sea salt. You can also try a juice fast. You can always try a colon cleaning mixture found in most health food stores

if you really want to 'clean out your system you can go to your doctor and ask about medicine to clean you out for a colonoscopy i know thats probally not what your needing it for but just tell the doctor that. it works real well :)

angela c
water is the best way to clean out your system.


The answer depends on what you are trying to clean out? Your colon? Something else....

Not enough info. provided. That's why you will always get 'drink water, it's the best way' answers. :)

The best thing to cleanse out your system is Isagenix. It comes in a liquid form and cleans all the toxins from your body and it is all natural and healthy. For more information go to http://www.louisquezada.isagenix.com/cleanse.dhtml?inv=0

Fruit juices ( fresh ) ? and water

the best "cleanser" for a body is not of pills. however, the liquid form is the best and that is WATER.

drink up and don't fall victim to the scams out there!

water, water, water.

ice water works better as it also revs up your metabolism!

Drink Natural Spring water that will flush out the poisons in your system.

slave of 12 Gods
water and plenty of it!

Here's some good news: it's already as clean as it's gonna get. Your kidneys and circulatory system keep the liquids in perfect balance, and if your peristalsis apparatus in your intestines isn't keeping them cleaned out, you'd be writing to Y. Answers from the hospital right now.

If you're looking for a laxative, check your pharmacy for the stuff they use prior to a colonoscopy procedure; I believe it's called magnesium phosphate. It's not so great for you, so it should only be used when your guts have to be cleaned for a surgical procedure.

lynn g
Water is a great answer. Also eating prunes or apples or drinking prune or apple juice everyday will keep your body eliminating naturally.

water!! drink enough of it...

Water. It's safe and cheap, and plentiful (at least in most places).

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