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Whats that liquid stuff that knocks people out?
You know how in movies and TV shows that people put some kind of liquid onto a rag or towel and put it to the victims mouth to knock them out? Whats that called?

rephynol or chlorofone

La Wai
A billy club.

Natalie P
tequila,vodka or bacardi 151

Eric R
Eather Have you ever layed down down with the eather bunny ?

Random Guy

Kara S
Why....do you plan on using it on someone?

Hurricane Katrina.

Goofy Goofer Goof Goof Goof !

Ether, then chloroform were both used as early anaesthetics. Here's an interesting short article about their history.



Clorophorm or somthing like that, The gas the liquid gives out does the trick.

Pretty sure it's illegal, Be hard to get.

beer, or sometimes pee, or wine or vodka



History of chloroform anaesthesia - The first narcosis with chloroform was performed by James Young Simpson on himself on November 4, 1847. The chemical substance had been first produced in ...

The Greeks have a word for it. . . .

Chloroform Sheds New Light on How Anaesthetics Work1 Apr 2008 ... Chloroform, one of the earliest general anaesthetics to be used in ... The word "anesthesia" comes from a Greek word meaning absence or loss ...

In the movie "ILL Met by Moonlight" Dirk Bogarde asks his Greek dentist, "what's the Greek word for chloroform"? His dentist replies, "chloroform". . . .so there you have it - the word comes from the Greek.

Movie trailer - "ILL Met by Moonlight" starring Dirk Bogarde. Based upon a real WW2 SAS and Greek Army Operation on the island of Crete - to capture and smuggle a German General out of Crete to Cairo.


Dr Frank
Chloroform. It was in fact one of the first anaesthetics, James Young Simpson first administered chloroform to one of his obstetric patients on 5 November 1847.


Don't believe what you see in the movies. It is not that easy to put someone to sleep. It would take a number of minutes and they will fight. You may be the one that goes unconscious. In the movies a little bit on a rag and in three seconds they are out. A person using it would most likely kill the person they were trying to knock out. I would forget all about it.

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