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Chris B
Wait 5-10 days and it should be gone

Many people swear by Vitamin C (thus the OJ) and it does seem to help. You can ease the symptoms, but it'll stay as long as it takes. :(

obsolete professor
I can usually nip a cold in the bud by dissolving a bullion cube in simmering water and putting in about 10 minced cloves of garlic. I soak up the broth with Fritos (and eat the Fritoes) till the liquid is gone and then eat the garlic. It usually takes about 1/2 hr to drink the stuff. I think the remedy works because of the saltiness. Then I get more hot water and squeeze some lemons into it and also dilute some vitamin C crystals in with it. I then take a really hot shower and then go to bed. I usually wake up ok the next morning.

hot ginger tea. Pepper in warm water.

The mom
Colds are caused by a virus, and are naturally eliminated by your immune system. There is no cure in the usual sense of the word. There are only things that help make the symptoms more tolerable. There is a product called Olbas Oil that is a mixture of various oils that helps make you feel less stuffy - works a lot like old Vicks vapor rub. Various types of tea will help as well, just because they are warm and soothing. There just isn't a magic formulation that will make the cold go away. It will still take about a week no matter what you do. So just pick your favorite cure, chicken soup, hot tea, whatever. Drink plenty, rest, and your immune system will divide and conquer. That's what it's there for.

Best way to start off is to get your immune system back in order ( the whole reason you got sick in the first place) start slamming all kinds of vitamins and take a bunch of vitamin C. drink like 4 emergen C's day! also take a lot of echinacea goldenseal, shitake mushroom compound, and elderberry. then drink some yummy juices R.W KNUDSEN makes a really good one called Mega antioxidant. These will all help re-build your immune system.

Then if you have a cough use all natural cough drops that contain zinc or soothe the throat with herbal cough drops like Ricola. then put some colloidal SIlver drops down your throat; colloidal silver is an all natural antibiotic. and sip on some upper respiratory tea to help soothe and clear your throat.

if you start feeling a sinus infection coming on the best thing to do is to take a decongestant like muanex or whatever, and to help yourself sleep knock yourself out with some nyquil. One thing that really helped me get over a sinus infection is called a netipot. this is when you run warm water mixed with salt (creates a saline) then run through your sinus. to help fight the infection add some colloidal silver to the solution

hope you feel better and one of the best things you can do is rest.

The one that works for me is with chicken soup and garlic.Ingest clear chicken soup with two to three crushed garlic cloves twice a day until cured.

jimmy krumpets
you could drink lots of orange juice though i am not sure if that actually works. I don't like orange juice but i have a good resistance to colds so yeah but it might work.

internet researcher queen
zicam is good because it has 1000 mg c and zinc which is good when a cold get started,it only shorten the duration of the cold,which now can last up to 3 wks.

john boy
water, water and rest. herbal tee is good for you and relaxes you so you can get some sleep

Here's just a few good old fashioned common sense things that you can do.Go get yourself a powdered form of ascorbid acid (vitamin C) with bioflavonoids from either the health food store or chemist. The bioflavonoids will increase the effectiveness of vitamin C 10 fold. Have 3,000 - 4,000mg (3 - 4 teaspoons) daily mixed with water until the cold subsides then maintain your immunity with 1 teaspoon daily.

Most health food stores also sell a product called Zinc Fix which combines the power of vitamin C with Zinc in a powdered form. The Zinc bolsters the effects of vitamin C and this is my powder of choice for a cold.

Drink vitamin C rich rosehips tea as this is the richest known source of vitamin C. (the organic loose leaf variety - it may be a bit more expensive but as it is organic you can generally reuse the spent leaves a couple of times as the essential oils are so potent).

Increase your intake of vitamin C rich foods on a dialy basis to prevent any further infection and to reduce the amount of time you are ill...... ie: citrus fruits, berries, leafy and green vegies, tomatoes and red and green peppers.

Loads of freshly squeezed juices are good too.

Ensure you are drinking plenty of pure filtered water to flush the germies out of your body .......... and keep you well hydrated ....... avoid sugar and also avoid caffeine containing beverages such as coffee, tea, soda and soft drinks, as these will only serve to dehydrate you and rob your body of essential B & C vitamins.

Ensure you are drinking or eating something with Beta - carotene in it daily to heal quicker and in future to prevent further colds, as Vitamin A will aid in the proper function of the immune system, shorten the duration of illnesses and generally bolster the health of the mucosal lining of your ear nose and throat ie: carrott juice, pumpkin soups, eggs, milk and dairy products.

Take a good quality multi B complex supplement on a daily basis both now while you're sick and for future prevention methods. The B complex of vitamins is essential for healthy immune, digestive and neural functioning and will help your body deal with the extra stress of being ill.

Things such as caffeine, sodas and soft drinks, antidepressants, antibiotics, diuretics, laxatives and aspirin and most otc cold medicines and alcohol will also do a great job of robbing you of your precious B vitamins.

Nettle tea bought in the loose organic form from the health food store and brewed for 20 minutes, will help to heal and soothe a sore throat if you have one........... the taste of nettle tea is quite bland and ordinary so perhaps spice it up with some honey or lemon juice.

Also, a good vapour inhalant when you have a cold is to put a couple of drops of eucalyptus oil into a salad bowl of hot water and .......... being carefull not to get so close as to burn your face ......... place a towel over your head and inhale the vapours. This will do a great job of clearing your sinuses, help in reducing any temperature you may have and to loosen and remove mucous.

Caution: Avoid using if you have high blood pressure or suffer from epilepsy.

Good luck & health & vitality to you & yours♥


Olive Leaf Extract is a natural anti-viral extract. It's incredibly powerful I would call it a cure for the common cold!

Essential Oil of Oregano. Just one or two drops under the tongue. Tastes nasty and kinda burns. Follow with lots of water, because you will want lots of water. This stuff knocks out fevers and all sorts of stuff.

The funny thing is that my kids get better almost instantly when I go to get the bottle......

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