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I there ...

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 Any suggestions?
ok, i cheaked and i have the sutomache flu, i hate soup, so wut else should i do besides sleep??...

 What herbal remedies are there to help calm me as i am a nervous person??

I am taking driving lessons and have been for a while the trouble is i am an extremely nervous anxious person and i am finding driving a struggle as i let nerves take over...i was ...

 Is there any home remedies for ear aches?

 How do I tell them...?
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 Does anyone know any good home remedies for Mosquito bites?
The little blighters had a feast on me last night!!!!...

 Is thier a vitamin to take to help prevent migrains?

 Home remedies to treat a sinus infection???
I had this sinus infection for 2 weeks now it has gotten better but i think its getting a little worse again i know of some drugs i can take, precribe or over the couter ones but i would first like ...

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 What's the best and fastest way to get rid of a bad headache?
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 Help! Ear infection 4 year old!?
4 year old was taken to the doctor, there was no sign of infection, but she was prescribed ear drops any way, which did not work. Warm cloth, peroxide plain, then peroxide with vinegar, alcohol, ear ...

Whats a good home cure for ringworm?
It appears my son has ringworm. What is a reliable home remedy for ringworm? My husband says put a solution of water and bleach on it. Any other homeopathic remedies?

lynn g
Rub the shell of a black walnut onto the affected area.

Calamine lotion. Should dry it up quickly.

Go to the doctors girl..... Ring worm can get serious at times!!!! some times you can lose a limb... my cuzin had ringworm and refused to go to the doc's and the cut off half his arm!!!

For short term home remedy: Take some cotton wool and tap it with Luke warm water. Clean the affected area around the ring worm then place some baby powder on it to keep it dry.

For specialised care, you can visit a skin clinic located at Towner road (exit from Boon Keng MRT) for a specially formulated cream for children. It's quite costly but very effective.

Homeopathic treatments will not sure everything so I doubt it curing ringworm. If your method doesn't work, get some real medicine.

go buy some jock itch medicine and that will get rid of it.

Who puts bleach on their children??

Here I Am
The athlete’s foot medicine is the safest way to cure it

kris b
the best to clear it up is called ting it is a cream for jock itch and athletics foot

yes go to the drug store and get a tube of lotrim and apply it three times per day and rub it in good. and that will be $50.00 for an office call. Alli you are going to hell for lying

my dad had my sister just wash it alot with antibacterial soap... like dial bar soap

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