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What would happen to me if i took 5 benadryl?
I've always wondered about that. Would it put me to sleep super fast? because even one makes me sleepy. Could it be used as a sleep inducer?

What a dumb thing to do, the medicine is not for you to get high, but to feel better

you would get a high off of them for a short while and then fall asleep....

yes it will make u sleepy

This would not be a good thing to do, it can cause heart problems and a whole list of other nasty side effects. definitely not worth the chance. It can be used as a sleep inducer, however, and is an ingredient in many over the counter sleep medications.

♥ Lips of Morphine ♥
Nothing, I've took 5 before just to sleep and that's exactly what it does. There is no serious problems that may happen unless you are allergic to benadryl.. Good luck

You'd probably type a lot slower. And you won't sneeze anymore.

Emily E
it would make you sleep longer and deeper. i wouldn't use it as a sleep inducer. take a warm bath, drink some hot tea, without caffeine of course. read a boring book, honestly this helps me. do some yoga to relax. try and really clear your mind of your stesses. if these things don't help, you should talk to a doc.

Mary M
you would probably over dose. Rush to the ER.

acutally it is..it calms your nervous..so it calms your allegries...thats why it makes you tired. If you took too.. i think you'd sleep for like a day straight..maybe even od on it. And get high..lol.. good question :) God bless

please don't do that, you dont' want to ruin your health. be smart.

i took twelve, once (ahem - cry for help), and it made my mouth so dry that i couldn't speak. i had to go to the ER and drink liquid charcoal, flavoured with sorbitol (ugh!), whereafter i had to walk several miles home to the welfare hotel that was instrumental in causing me to take 'em. YMMV.

Too much is not better. If you took five you might end up half brain dead and have to have people feed you and change your diaper.

sara d
Dont do it you will sleep for days!!

You'd go to sleep, but 5 wouldn't work any faster than 1. Some of the over-the-counter sleep aids are nothing more than diphenhydramine HCl (Benadryl) in doses of about 50-100mg, equivalent to 2-4 caps of Benadryl.

Benadryl is also used as a pre-med before some chemotherapy, and 100 mgs IV puts even me to sleep, though I use the stuff every 4 hours and have for years. I take 4 as a sleep aid, but I think 2 would do it for most who don't use it often.

Most drug and grocery stores have a generic "store brand" at about 1/4 to 1/2 the price, by the way. And no, not even a bunch of them will make you high. They aren't a "high" kind of med.

You won't fall asleep any faster as if you took 2. But you will sleep for like 2 days. LoL. Been there, done that.

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