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 What is the natural remedy to take away stress? I'm working in night shift.?

What would be a pleasant scent to help you relax and sleep?
I am experimenting with oils and a diffuser. Thanks! Are their some combinations that work well for you?

John Frusciante
try the song "ramparts" by John Frusciante....ahhhhhh

Spray your bedroom with a light fragrance containing jasmine or lavender a few minutes before bedtime .

The researchers found that those who slept in a room infused with a faint jasmine scent seemed to sleep more peacefully and reported being more alert in the afternoon than people who slept in a lavender-scented room, or one with no added aroma.

Chamomile and vanilla. The healing garden has a lotion zzzz that is supposed to help people fall asleep. Music can do that too, it relaxes the mind.

Oh man do I love lilac!!
I love the springtime because that's when their scent comes drifting through my window... That would be my wish if I was dying...let me go amongst the smell of lilac!!
I know lavender is supposed to relax you, which it does. But it in no way compares to lilac!!


Eucalyptus, spearming, sandalwood, rose

lavender or vanilla

i love french vannila and sweat pea try them.. bath and body works owns them.

I enjoy some of the incenses especially Nag Champa.
Might try different ones to see which you like best. Incenses to me are easier to use than the essential oils but don't last as long.

Red Panda
Lavander and Camillo (idk how to spell that one), White flower and Jasmin Tea oil, Eucalyptus leaves, and tiger balm. All of these are pain relievers not pills they are like vapor rubs but with multi-tasks/jobs.

a nice clean cotton sheet that just come out of the dryer

I don't know about the others, but lavender is known to have a very calming effect on the body - and it works very quickly. I'm a massage therapist, and one of the treatments I used to do at a resort was a lavender aroma massage. Honestly, there were times when I, myself, had to fight to stay awake, because the lavender is soooo relaxing.

I was also once at a workshop for massaging horses and one of the horses was getting out of control. One of the trainers put 2 drops of lavender on the back of his hand and then stuck it under the horse's nose and I swear to you, IMMEDIATELY, the horse's head dropped and his eyes half shut like he was drugged! The stuff works FAST. (Essential oils in general work fast from an aroma standpoint)

Lavender will seriously calm you down and help you sleep.

I personally enjoy lavender.

In my experience, you should just think of things that you like to smell that make you feel relaxed. For me it's vanilla.


you should try Lavender oil because it is relaxing and soothing

chamomile tea - good for sleep
lavender scented lotion - good for relaxing
rose scented lotion - good for stress, calming
can put these essential oils in your bath water too works great!

Lavender is the one suggested for sleep. Do a search for aromatherapy to find out other essential oils that work.

Rare Indigo
Coconut suntan lotion. It always reminds me of relaxing on a tropical beach in the sun.

Strawberry Pony
Well I love the scents of citrus fruits, and fresh flowers, soft smelling flowers, not gardenia, to strong. But baby's breath, pumpkin scents, sunflower. But you know, what one finds relaxing the other may find offensive. Think you've got a great ideal here. Plan on lighting on of my favorite candles tonight, and hope I have a pleasant sleep. Thanks for the ideal.

dave v
mmmmm the scent of a woman who wears a soft perfume, her shirt, her laying on my chest while falling asleep..yea..thats it..her perfume mixed with her own scent sleeping on my chest..oh hell im ready for bed now, night all :)

shell girl
lavender and clary sage,or lavender and rose geranium, you only need a few drops of each if it is essential oil as it can be strong patcholi is good as well ,go for a sedating oil rather than a up lifting one

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