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What the best thing to take for allergies?
My allergies have been acting up recently. I have tried all kind of allergy meds and none have worked. Can anyone recommend a good one that works?


anti itch tablets.

accupuncture really works

You can try a Homoeopathic medicine:
Nux Vomica 3m.(liquid form)
Take 5 drops in the morning
with 50 ml of water
5 drops at 1.00PM, in water
& 5 Drops at night before going
to bed.

This may help you, if you take
it for 3 days.
You have not explained the allergy
related problems- sneezing-itching-
vomiting etc.

Try this it will help. They have satisfaction or money back gurantee.
Nutrilite® ClearGuard™ Dietary Supplement
Your nose knows the difference!
No matter what the season, get the all-natural all-clear in three days – or less! Tackle your tasks, tissue-free, with ClearGuard™. Kosher and halal certified. Vegetarian formula.

Get away from whatever's causing them.

I am women
My allergies are always acting up you can take
something with an antihistamines like clardin D
or sud-fed and Zyrtec D all good for allergies.

Allergies treatment using Nutrients
Certain nutrients have been found beneficial in the prevention and treatment of allergies. Often the intake of vitamin B5 or pantothenic acid brings great relief to the sufferer. This vitamin may be taken in a dose of 100 mg daily for a month. In such cases, liberal amounts of pantothenic acid helps even though the recovery takes several weeks. A dose of 400 mg of vitamin E taken daily for four to six weeks is also beneficial as this vitamin possesses effective anti-allergic properties.

Allergies treatment using Castor Oil
It is found that five drops of castor oil in half a cup of any fruit or vegetable juice, or plain water, and taken on an empty stomach in the morning, is beneficial for allergies of the intestinal tract, skin, and nasal passages.

Allergies treatment using Lime
Lime is considered an effective remedy for any kind of allergy. Half a lime may be squeezed in a glass of lukewarm water and sweetened with a teaspoon of honey. It can be taken once daily first thing in the morning for several months. This remedy not only flushes the system of toxins but also acts as an antitoxic and antiallergic agent. However, those who are allergic to citrus fruits should not take recourse to this remedy.

Allergies treatment using Bananas
One or two bananas a day are useful for those who are allergic to certain foods and who consequently suffer from skin rashes, digestive disorders, or asthma, The fruit does, however, cause allergic reactions in certain sensitive persons and they should avoid it.

Allergies treatment using Vegetable Juices
A quantity of 500 ml carrot juice or a combination of carrot juice with beet and cucumber juices, has been found beneficial in the treatment of allergies. In the case of mixed juices, 100 ml each of beet and cucumber juices should be mixed with 300 ml of carrot juice to prepare 500 ml or half a litre of mixed juice. This should be taken once daily.

Have you been to an allergist to be tested for allergies?

I took desensitizing shots after my tests and they worked brilliantly. It wasn't convenient or fun while I was getting the shots, but it was wonderful to be symptom-free for years afterward!

If you've had the shots and are still having trouble, it could be that your symptoms aren't really caused by allergens, but are caused by environmental pollutants and other things that you can't be desensitized to.

When that happened to me, the only thing that worked was acupuncture. I've heard that people have very mixed results, but for me it was like a miracle.

I've also known people to have great results with the raw local honey therapy, but finding it can be very difficult.

Nasal irrigation is a treatment that has lots of research to back up its usefulness. I found it really uncomfortable to pump the solution up my nose, though friends of mine have had great success with it.

Good luck!

A tablespoon of local raw honey will put the pollen in your system and then your body will not fight it as a foreign substance. The first day take one spoon every 3-4 hours and then at least one or two tablespoons per day during the season that you have problems. This will get rid of the symptoms PLUS the allergy altogether! Good luck.

First of all determine what is causing the allergies. It can be either food or pollen grains. (airborne)
Prevention is much better than cure. If u want med see a yr GP.
He'll prescribe some antihistamines. That'll help u with yr allergies.

sOuL dOcToR
The first Remedy for Allergies in Homeopathic Medicine is SULFUR take it in 30 potency for three days, the outcome of SULFUR will determine if you need any other remedy or will SULFUR alone suffice in treating and curing your Allergy. Feel free to email me if you need help with Homeopathic treatment.
Take Care and God Bless !

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