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What pills work the best for getting rid of gas?

Susan Yarrawonga
Try a Yahoo search for flatulence + "natural remedies".

If it's for a "quick fix" then basically any acid-reducer or common gas cure should work. If it's for long term then try Zantac.

if you mean intestinal gas....I prefer to go the natural route, and I drink peppermint herbal tea, brewed strong, without sugar, it will rid you quickly of the gas and the associated discomfort, use it in hospital for post surgical patients.

Akkakk the befuddled


how could you???
petobismil and tums hun!!!!
also dont eat to much dairy broclli and beans!!!!!!!!!!!!

good luck!!!

Try this: 1 c warm water, 1 tsp mint, 1 tsp baking soda, 2 T lemon juice.
this tasty drink will get rid of gas!

garlic pills get rid of gas

Gas can be related to other problems, like acid reflux, for example. With acid-reflux, they do not recommend peppermint, or any mints for that matter.

Your best bet is Gas-X or Beano; then if the problem continues, see a doc.

Easy on any gas-causing foods, and that includes sodas. Hope this helps.

I don't know the brand but if you ask for charcoal tablets (yes that's what they're called) they should help


Take a look at this link.

check out what you are eating!!!

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