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Additional Details
i have CFIDS........

What natural supplements can I take to replace the prescription Paxil?
I have been taking this drug for several years and have recently weaned myself off. This has caused an uproar at home and I am in dire need of something to keep me from having anxiety, which is the reason for taking this to begin with. HELP!!!

You can try using St Johns wart once you are totally off of the paxil. You mentioned that it was prescribed for anxiety but Paxil is an antidepressant not an antianxiety med so either the doc didn't prescribe the the right type of drug or there was more going on than just anxiety. Good Luck

Bee Royal Jelly, it contains a natural hormone level that keeps you balanced, it has been used for centuries in Europe and Asia, I swear by it, you can find out more about it on beeroyalproducts.com its high in B-5 that helps you deal with stress and sleep better as well, also enhances healthy growth of skin,hair and nails , and it contains 10HDA ,its an awesome product and it saved my life :)

Miranda Girl
My sister tried getting off Paxil and did not do well. There is nothing we know of to replace it with other than just another antidepressant. She tried many other ones. For SAD it is the best one out there. Good luck. Plus, you should wean off very, very, very slowly or you will get what they call brain zaps.

Keana P
Have you tried SAM E that stuff is great!!!!!And it's good for your liver as well

Flaming sword
Well there are a variety out there. Check with your local health food store for ideas. There also may be a natural-leaning pharmacy in your area. I have found several helpful items throughout the years. One is called, "Mindtrack" It's an herbal supplement that helps with anxiety and depression. Another is a flower essence called, "Rescue Remedy" by Bach. Also increase your B vitamins, Calcium and Magnesium intake. "Mood Menders" is another good one. Valerian is helpful for some folks. If you have a Bio-feedback technition in your area they could do some computer testing on you to tell you exactly what your body is currently needing and also what may be causing your anxiety problems - hormones, stress, etc.
I understand people's resistance to natural or alternative health. It doesn't always seem affect & there are some shysters out there. But then again there are some shysters in the medical field as well. One thing to remember is that you're not alone & the human body changes as it heals, so what might work this month may not work in 3 months. This is where Bio-feedback can be very helpful. Good luck!!

Sunday P
EXERCISE!!! Its helped me in so so many ways, its unbelievable!! I mean sweaty, wear your self out exercise 3 or 4 times a week! It's a life a saver. I play rollerderby and many girls were suffering depression in the begining and now are relieved by all the hard work outs we do! You burn out all the toxins that make you have the crazies! I know its not a quick fix but it is a better fix and a more permanent one, you just have to make it part of your life consistantly.

The happy herb works wonders.

I usedd to take paxil, and I used lexpro to ween off....the only thing that has helped me be off meds alltogether is exersise and eating better. Mostly exersise though, because it raises the endorphins...it works for me. Good luck!

Exercise and eating properly are the two that will help most. It is so hard to get up and do it if you are depressed, but you just have to do it. The other things that have been known to help are vitamin B12 and St. Johns Wort. Drinking green tea and limiting your caffeine consumption are two other things that may help. The only thing that has almost immediate results is the excercise, but again, it is really hard if you aren't feeling yourself.
Just force yourself for you and your family. Good luck to you.

Violet Pearl
try 300mg a day of 5HTP if you've been clear of Paxil for a few weeks. Also, the supplement GABA could help.
If you're over 30, see an endocrinologist: Paxil has probably effected your thyroid and hormones-- you'll need hormone replacement for a few months. Avoid ALL sugar- sweets, candy, cake for sure, and cut out all bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, fruit, milk products for 6-8 weeks to relieve your adrenalin glands. Take Omega,vitamin c and other vitamin supplements
Paxil has taken a pretty heavy toll on your body, so you'll need to start building it back to health.
Deep breathing exercises will help if you feel an anxiety attack coming on.
You can try the herbs valerian, kava-kava, chamomile, or passion flower to help take the edge off the anxiety, but ultimately, the only thing that's going to work is a change in diet, balancing your hormones, and some type of long-term positive thinking or prayer to keep yourself from feeling frustrated, angry and anxious.

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