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Brookelynn S
What kind of herbs (legal) can sometimes give you a euphoric feeling?
Or at least make you happy?

smoke a bananan peal
it works

sun flower seeds..........

clove cigarettes. i love them... you smoke one on your lunch, or half even and the world is wonderful for about a half hour and then you just feel energized. they're all natural tobacco and cloves

John B
I have seen people drink coffee and eat some chocolates at noon time and seem to be in a really good mood for the rest of the afternoon.

salvia is an herb that when smoked will give you a quick high

the smell of fresh basil in your soup or chicken or rubbed behind your ears

B Rizzle
chow alot of ginseng root available at any good herbalist probably chinese in nature or drink alot of the extract which is like a super strength version will make you feel pretty good as well as having a ton of energy

valerium health food store-like valium you can make tea with it

Coop <3
I've heard of the scent of mint or lavender can release feelings of deep contentment and happiness.

If that's not the kind of euphoria you've got in mind, look into salvia (see the wikipedia link in my source box). I've never personally done it, but I've been told by a close friend that it was an intense experience for him. It's also sort of expensive...

St. John's Wort

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