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 What is the most effective way to remove ear wax, i like using ear candles but is there something better?

 Ear problem, I think it is wax buildup, I used ear drops but didnt help?

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is it dangerous in any ways?...

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 Is scientology or homopathic practices...?
abuse to children...if they are not getting vaccines, are sick and not taken to doctor for treatments ect...
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this ...

 Digestive Enzymes?
My mom (due to cancer, etc.) throws up alot and has a problem digesting food in her STOMACH only (she has a J-Tube to her jejunum for tube feeding). We'd like to go back to regular oral feeding,...

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 Im not a fan of medicine..i usually just let colds or pain leave on its own..but ive had a bad cold lately?
and i cant breath my nose is so stuffy...what can i do? vicks vapor rub is all ive done..PLEASE HEL...

 What are some of the best stress relief supplements, and have any been clinically tested?
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What's the best cure for hiccups? Also, What CRAZY hiccup remedies have you tried that didn't work?...

i don't want to hear about the people that are addicted to it. i want to know why a person would choose that drug to get addicted to when it's probaby the worst possible drug you could ...

 Have you ever used probiotics for intestinal health? Did they help?
Having chronic intestinal "issues" and have had probiotics recommended to me. Would like input of any kind from anyone that has used them. Thanks.
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 Is hypnosis real?

 How can you stop insect bites from itching in a natural, non-painful way?
Theres a lot of mosquitoes in my area, and I can't escape the summer without scars from their bites, is there a natural way I can stop the bites from itching without the pain that some remedies ...

 Is St Johns Wort any good, if so, how long would I have to take it before seeing any difference in mood?

 I am about to start a course of Omega 3 fish oils.?
but would also like to take ginseng would this be advisable. If so which type?...

What is the fastest way to clean my urinary system of toxins of marajuna?
fastest way to clean your urinary system of marajuna toxins

you can't. and if you could then police wouldn't do the test they do. it only goes away in time.

Lost in Maryland
Sweat it out of you while you are waiting in line to pee in the bottle. Get off the weed!

by not smoking it.

Robin R
drink a quart of vinegar right away.

also Niacin pills- take more than a few and drink lots of water

stop smokin it

alicia b
got o your local health food store. they can point you in the right direction

Arisu ~
ONE shot of vinegar [Any more and it'll show up]
Anything that will make you pee alot [Apple juice, water]
Or just get one of those kits from the drug store.

my girlfriend is a psychotherapist and she has to order blood tests all the time and she says that thc will stay in the blood as a marker for a minimum of 30 days no matter what you do save going on dialasis every day.

The toxins are stored in your fat cells, plain and simple. There is no safe or healthy way to rid your entire body of the chemicals quickly.

If you're reasonably fit and an occasional smoker, it'll probably take about a week to clear the toxins.

If you're obese and/or a heavy user, it could take a hard month to have clean urine.

Some things I've read suggest you can speed up the processes by exercising a lot and drinking a ton of water.

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