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What is the best thing to eat or drink after being sick?
I was vomiting last night and this morning and had a bad headache after. I also felt so weak that I didn't go to school today or to tennis practice. And it wasn't a hangover or anything like that because I'm only 15 and don't drink alcohol. What is the best thing to eat or drink after being sick like this?

David G
Tequila and peanut butter. It is a little cactus with a umph factor.

Chicken soup. But if you are ill still tomorrow you should go see your DR.

gatorade and toast dry crackers.. ginger ale -soups with salt as u lost elecrolytes from vomiting.. adn peaches or fruits something soft .. mild diet.. water to drink of course

Your possibly dehydrated so the best thing is to keep up your fluids with juice or lemonade, stay away from all dairy products as these will be too heavy for you to take and will curdle in your stomache and make you vomit again. If your feeling hungry just have some dry toast or crackers, maybe get your mum to make up a broth for you which is very easy to digest. I would be going to your local doctor and getting a checkup just to be on the safe side. If you have a bug/virus, he will tell you the same as I have. Just get some rest, take a headache tablet and keep up fluids and keep your food intake to light and easy tgo digest foods. I hope your feeling better really soon

7-Up, Chicken Soup & Electrolytes

Don't eat any dairy products or strong-tasting foods, to allow your stomach time to settle. Try eating dry toast and sipping black tea or coffee, or just plain water. Don't eat/drink too quickly, because you might just throw up again.

Water is probably best if you have a headache because you're probably dehydrated. Take some headache tablets, and some indigestion medicine, if your stomach is still feeling funny.

Padma Ramanulla
food that is easy to digest.

crackers and clear liquids

I start with Coca-Cola. If it stays down, then I move on to other foods.

Keep it very light....saltines, gatorade, pedialyte, even jello. I don't recommend chicken soup...most canned soups are full of grease and you want to avoid that. Avoid dairy products. Munch on some plain popcorn, and try and get some apple juice down. FEEL BETTER SOON!!

Gatorade. it is a great way to rehydrate. And crackers to eat. they should help calm the stomach.

Richard R
campbell's chicken noodle soup

gator girl
I have always heard it is the BRAT diet:

Apple juice

Only eat and drink SMALL portions until your stomach feels better and can handle more solid food.

Antoine a
Chicken soup!! Anything that is nutritious (Energy bar, Granola bars) and drink a lot of fluids!!! You are a smart person so do not start drinking!! Other kids jumping off the cliff does not necessary mean you have to do the same! Be smart , be wise, be healthy, be wealthy and be a future Doctor if not a future President! Best wishes.

Soup is great. If you are eating canned soup, try to get a natural one without a lot of salt and chemicals, or try to get some from a restaurant if you don't have anyone to make some for you.

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