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cutie pie!
lemon tea with honey

gargling with salt water or 7-up can help. I might recommend 7-up in this case, because he's young enough he might accidently swallow the salf water... no fun. :)

Give him a glass of hot water mixed with freshly squeezed lemon juice.

Warm salt water. Just take a teaspoon of salt and dissolve it in warm water and have him gargle with it. You can also even use a dropper to run it through the nasal passages. He won't want to do it, but he will be glad he did. If that doesn't work you can also buy chloraseptic spray and maybe have him take some childrens tylenol.

Try popcicles.

Hot lemon tea.
Any warm liquids like soup or low sodium broth.
Throat lozgens (sp?) work well too, they have some made just for kids.
But if he continues to have that sore throat after a few (2-3 days) I'd make an appointment with a doctor.

Cartoon Star
Weak, warm tea with lemon and honey for his throat - Try some Vicks for his nose.
Don't let him drink anything too cold.

Hot jello! The gelatine coats the throat and soothes irritation. (I heard this is an old dispatcher's and radio DJ's trick, but my mom did it for me as a kid.) Mix about a third of one of the large packages or half of one of the small packages (you want it super concentrated, it'll be a bit sweet so pick a light flavor like peach or lime...) in a mug of HOT water just like you would cocoa or tea... have him sip it for awhile.

PS: Make sure to avoid any flavors that are red - just in case he throws up or needs to go to the doctor, you need to be able to detect redness and/or blood (if he vomits) and that will complicate those two things.

Lemon and honey with hot tea will help soothe & so will salt gargles if you can get him to do it. Also try heating damp towels and wrapping them lightly around the throat. It sounds like he's going to need to go to the doctor, or the clinc though, because he'll likely need antibiotics.

Drink alot of fluids and get some tylonal cold.

Stuff with high vitaiman C is really goood for colds

gargle with a little vinagar

gargle with vinegar/salt water. works every time. plus it cleans out all the germs.

Lemon, honey and water. I used to put Vicks vapo rub and boil a teaspoon or two in water, take it off the stove and inhale the vapors with a towel over your head for a few minutes.

You'd be blowing your nose like crazy but it brought relief. I find that Cepacol is the best medicine. I use the spray on my little one as it gets back there. It has a numbing agent and numbs the throat. The only thing that really works. They come in lozenges too and my older kids love those. Usually after a night or two they are better.

And yes the best thing is salt water in the sinuses if you can get him to inhale it up there a few times a day...will shrink the sinus and disinfect....basically saline but no chemicals like the stuff in the stores.

I prefer using zinc and vitamin C for myself at the first sign of a sore throat. Usually nips it right in the bud 4 times out of 5 for me.

I Seek
Put some Vicks Vaporub under his nostrils--not in them. Also, let him drink a little warm milk with honey in it to soothe and coat his throat. These are not cures, but they are treatments to comfort his misery. Hope this helps!

If he could gargle in vinager white that would help a lot. it helps fever and pain. it's a great healer for a lot of things.

miss advice
to open up his sinuses and make his throat feel better, give him a warm bath and some good warm soup. or even better, if you can get him to breathe in some steam- have him breathe while standing over a pot of water that has been boiling. (remind him- don't touch!) if you have any peppermints, add them into the water.

before he goes to bed, make sure he has a box of klennexs and he's not too cold or hot. give him a damp washcloth for his forehead.

the best thing to do is to let the cold run its course.

I heard lemon juice can clear it up.

Zinc. I just throw the powder on the back of my throat and the microbes die fast. Its amazing.

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