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What is the best remedy to get rid of hiccups?

hold your breath while your mom yanks your nipples.

have some one distract you while holding your breath and they need to make you laugh

80's kid
1 tsp of apple cider vinegar

One tablespoonful of A-1 Steak Sauce taken orally will do the trick.

Marcus S
The easiest way, works for me every time....

Simply drink a full glass of water without stopping.

This has work for me and anyone I tell, so it must do something and as far as I know I haven't heard of anyone using this easy remedy.
Fill a glass of water, take a mouthful, only swallow little amounts at at time till your mouth is empty, breathing through your nose obviously, take another mouthful and do the slow small amounts again until the glass is empty.
If it doesn't work with the first glass, use a second glass.

Linda W
If I get the hiccups I nibble on a cracker. It seems to work for me.

The best one I would say is to have somebody scare you...I have also heard of eating a spoonful of sugar. Hope either of these work, they have both worked on me.

Miss Understood
hold your breath, but don't just stop breathing. Take a deep breath (through your nose; a deep breath through your mouth could make it worse) and hold it until it hurts. Repeat as needed.

other options are to drink water or milk (but take small,quick drinks. Again, if you inhale too much air taking a big drink, it could make it worse)

Drinking water out of a glass with your lower lip in and your upper lip out works every time! Just like someone already said, bend over the glass to do this.

hold your breath and swallow three times

Hold your breath.

Shana B
Take a glass of water, and instead of sipping it normally, put your mouth on the opposite side of the glass (awkward, I know!) and lean forward, drinking it UPSIDE DOWN.

It looks funny as heck but I swear it works everytime!!!!!

The reason it works is you get hiccups b/c your diaphragm (the muscle you breathe with) needs to be reset, so to speak. Doing this resets it!

Kathryn E
you have to have someone do this to you. close your eyes. what do you see. shapes. what kind. circles. ah. what colors. red. ok. do you see any pictures. are you sure. ok you may open your eyes. walah. they gone.

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