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What is the best over the counter medicine to knock out a cold FAST?

Air Borne- works great!!!

The cure for a cold is tincture of time. No matter what medicine you take, your cold will last two weeks. If you don't take any medicine, then your cold will last only fourteen days.

Since a cold is a virus you need to find some thing that inhibits that. Go to your health food store and ask for SAMBUCOL it is a clinically proven anti-viral that was discovered by one of the world top viroligists (she helped develop interfuron). the stuff is amazing

Buy a bottle of vitamin C tablets and put 50 x 500mg tablets into a vitamiser and blend with a cup of hot water, sweeten to taste with honey, pour into a glass jar and keep refridgerated. Or you could just crush the tablets and dissolve in a cup of hot water.

Each teaspoon of resulting liquid will be 500 mg VitC. 2 - 3 teaspoons of Vit. C. liquid every hour should knock out your cold for you fast.......

No chance of overdoing it on Vitamin C either as it is water soluble and any excess will just be excreted in your urine...



Try going to a health food store and getting some Umka. It is homeopathic and worked great for me. I took it and within a few hours was feeling fine.


Janet S
Alternative medicine, right?

Echinacea and elderberry if you catch it right up front. I use the liquid extracts for fast absorption. Take 4 droppers of Echinacea purpurea Root extract, 2 droppers of Elderberry fruit extract. Repeat in one hour. Also take 1,000 mg. of Ester-C. Then take Echinacea every four hours for the duration.

If I do this at the first known exposure or at the first sneeze or tickle, I don't catch the virus. If I'm already exhibiting quite a few symptoms I may go ahead and catch it but it will be a milder case with a shorter duration.

chelsea v
take a hot toddy tati totty i however u spell it
alcohol, lemon juice, honey, hot water, lil bit of mint. you'll knock out a few hours and sweat then u'll wake up a new woman

adam p
try this-three shots absolute vodka-4oz. orange juice-curl up with your man!

Doesn't exist. Loads of chemicals, can dehydrate your body and may prolong the cold.

Natures way of dealing with a cold is the runny nose.

Chicken soup, lots of liquids and sleep. Oh yes, use Puffs facial tissues with lotion in them to help prevent a chapped nose.

You can't really knock out a cold since it is a virus and there are no cure for viruses, you can only fool your body into thinking its gone temporarily. I would suggest Thera-flu, lots of codine in there. Drink lots of water to cleanse system.

When I feel like I am getting a cold I take night time Nytquil right before I lay down and usually wake up feeling like I am getting better without getting really sick.
Also take lots of vitamin C with zinc, elderberry, and echinaechia

Thera-flu that is the best working for me.

Ron Shelf
Try one of these:

1 Lemmon juice.
1 flat spoon of honey.
1 spoon of brandy.
Drink one tablespoon 3 times a day to help the flu.
#Put 1 tablespoon of cut/ powder root, pour hot water into the cup, wait for 5 minutes and drink, repeat 3 times daily.
#Make green onion soup.
#Mix one teaspoon of cayenne to 1 cup of boiling water. Take one teaspoon from the mixture and mix with a cup of water; drink when needed.
#Pour 1 cup of boiling water to 1 teaspoon of Marjoram, wait for 5-10 minutes and drink. Repeat 3 times daily.
#Blanch salvia/ lemon grass, add honey, wait 3 minutes and drink.
#Put cupping glasses on the shoulders and smear arrack on the chest; Drink tea with brandy and cover up.

Plenty more at:


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