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What is something natural I can take to help increase my energy?
I feel exhausted all the time - and have little energy. Is there something I can buy over the counter to help with this?

Coffee is natural.

thirsty mind
Thyroid support,vitamin B6,Guarana,tons of water.

Texas T
drink anything with caffine.

Yes of course. Drink plenty of water.

Jesse's Girl
Multivitamin. Plenty of rest. Exercise, which I know you have no energy now, but once you start, you will be amazed at how energetic you really become.

Sleep, plenty of water. Eat protein rather than lots of carbs. Carbs will give you initial energy, but will burn off quickly. Protein (such as a handful of nuts) will stick with you for longer.

It could also be an iron deficiency. Go to the doc and have them check your blood. It's nothing serious, but a vitamin or iron supplement might really give you a boost of energy. Just don't take it without checking if you're low on iron. It can be constipating.

Also, thyroid issues could lead to being tired all the time. I would just go see a doc. It can be a simple matter that a little something from the doc can turn around.

In my experience, being tired all the time is caused by some mineral/vitamin deficiency, lack of sleep, or other physical ailment sapping your energy.

Never take excessive of caffine or sweets. You just need some aerobic or yoga & some excitement in life. As of food supplement, nothing would work because you dont really seem to be excited at all which hinders production of adrenaline.

I am a huge advocate of the natural supplement MSM. It replenishes the much needed sulpher into your system and has been known to help with chronic fatigue as well as fibromyalgia. I have noticed huge differences in my energy level and it is so good for your joints, hair, skin, nails, asthman, allergies, etc. it is worth giving it a try and it helps with your metabolism as well. Good luck. I used to suffer from being tired all the time and since I take this, I wake up with tons of energy because it rebalances your body so it is not so acidic, but more alkaline!

over the counter you can pick up granola bars and a multi vitamin!
but best to make sure you are getting adequate water.fruits and veggies combined with whole grains, and do excercise everyday...it boosts ur energy levels..hope u dont smoke or drink....!
all the best...

look at your diet, as peoples diets affect their health, eat plenty of fruit, have healthy breakfast in the morning etc you know the normal stuff. check the food pyramid check whats missing in your diet. also get plenty of sleep. oversleeping can cause you to be tired also. the amount of sleep people need varies but definitely get your hr or two before midnight makes world of difference. caffeine is big no no only give temporary high and medication are only a temporary solution and can affect other parts of the body which is just not worth it in the long run.

john h
I use caffine tablets. I take them like an asprin. They are good for a temporary boost, and seem to work well for me.

tcmrose l
Of course, there are many natural things to take, e.g. supplements like ginseng, astragalus, red dates. However, in Chinese medicine, low energy can be due to many reasons, a chinese doctor can help you find the most suitable one.

See article "Low energy" in

Avoid taking caffeine and other stimulants as they can cause health problems.

Ginseng is the best thing you could take for increasing energy. When I take it I have at least twice as much energy. Trust me, its probably the best thing available to get more energy everyday, and its natural, not considered a "classical" stimulant, so you won't get tired once it wheres off. Its even good for your heart contrary to stimulants that aggravate the heart. It also has countless other health benefits that help you deal with life. Next to Ginseng, bovine colostrum works really well too and its also amazingly good for your health. Also Algae such as chlorella, and spirulina increase energy due of their astonishing amounts of nutrients they contain. Bee pollen, and pure raw honey will also increase energy.


First take a look at your diet. If you're eating lots of carbs (white rice, bread, pasta, etc.) that could be the culprit. They turn into sugar and give you a quick boost, followed by a crash. Try eating more fresh vegetables, fruit, water, and proteins. Also, are you getting enough sleep? Or are you sleeping too much? (Oversleeping can cause exhaustion too.) You might also want to try exercising. I know that seems crazy when you feel like you have no energy, but sometimes a bit of cardio can get your heart pumping and produce endorphins that are like a natural energy boost. If none of that works, I'd consult a doctor. If this situation is constant, it could be chronic fatigue syndrome.

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