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What is better when consuming "special brownies": a full stomach or an empty one?
I was just wondering. Tried it once on an empty stomach and got really sick so if I ate special brownies on a full stomach, other than the effects being even more delayed, which is better?

Sylvia S
If you mean what I think you mean by "special brownies" as being ones laced with marijuana then take my advice. Been there, done that (many, many moons ago) and all it was was a waste of the weed. They do nothing for you regardless of whether your stomach is empty or full. And remember, as someone else replied earlier that marijuana IS an illegal drug.

What are the ingredients in your "special brownies"? I've never gotten sick on regular brownies.

Eat a fatty food as the brownies irritate your stomach lining, causing you to feel sick, and the food will protect the stomach lining more. Full fat milf or bread are good things to eat. However, do not eat too much.

In moderation everything and anything is OK. Go overboard and well....
I find people who are not legal to have marijuana go WAY over board when getting around it. Those of us who take it on a regular schedule do not think it is such a huge deal to get as much as we can in our system, Or at least I don't do this.....

If and when you do it again, just do not go over board. Do you usually eat a full pan of brownies, then do not do it now....

chicana mama
baked may be too strong for you. Try making a tea instead, it wont mess up your lungs or give you that nasty breath.

Just something light!

woolly worm

dont be full or empty, just have something non volatile on your stomach like a sandwich, or some crackers or a glass of milk even. also when making your brownies make sure you either make it with special butter and if you dont then make sure its all ground up very well...

To get the maximum effect special brownies are always best when eaten on an empty stomach. But if it causes you to get sick then you should eat something light first like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich or some crackers. Weed brownies are usually very rich and thick because they have a lot of butter or oil in them which is what caused you to get sick most likely. I would definitely recommend giving them another try.

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