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What is a natural remedy for an adult ear ache?
Do you know of anything around the house that may relieve an earache in an adult...please?

I've found that if you can find someone to blow smoke in your ear that it can sometimes help. Heat helps sometimes too (like heating pad or a warm washcloth).
Some say that a little bit of rubbing alcohol can help but it's never worked for me.

Michael R
When I got earaches as a child, my folks would tip me on my side and pour isopropyl alcohol in my ear. I'm still alive today, so perhaps it worked.

I'm Gonna Tell You
I was told 2-3 drops of vinegar is the homeopathic remedy for ear infections. I have never tried it- but that's what I've heard.

Please don't put ALCOHOL in your ear.

Better yet, just see a doctor. I'd rather have a big doctor bill than permanent hearing loss or worse.

Venkatesh V
First clean ur ears and wipe is with cotton or soft cloth.
Apply the (filtered) juice of Garlic. It may smell bad b ut it works.

Or apply warm (bearable heat) coconut oil,and lightly massage.

whats the answer ? my right ear hurts !

Try Isopropyl rubbing alcohol. Sometimes it work, sometimes it doesn't. But to really get rid of an earache, just go to your doctor for a prescription for antibiotics.

If you have olive oil and a clove of garlic:crush the clove of garlic and warm it up in the olive oil-put it in your ear but make sure it's not too hot!

sOuL dOcToR
Homeopathic Treatment for Earache :-

MULLIEN OIL (External Use)
BELLADONNA 30 and PULSATILLA 30 together three times a day. No side effects or complications.
Take Care and God Bless you !

A doctor in the ER once told me to put a few drops of warmed up hydrogen peroxide. That it would eat up and dry up the wax or mucus in the ear. Being as it was my son just 5 at the time I never really tried it but it makes sense that it would work.

I would warm it up a little and use a medicine dropper if you have one to do so. Otherwise maybe a straw would work if you put some in a glass and put your finger on the top of the straw to form suction. But if it's cold you will FEEL it and it won't be comfortable. Not too hot either just lukewarm. Good luck. Use the normal hydrogen peroxide and just a couple of drops.

Don't put cotton as it will only heat up the ear and make the infection worse. Better to just lie down on the opposite ear.

BLOW your nose gently if you have a cold...blowing too hard causes the mucus to go into the EAR canal. You can try wam and cool compresses too which open and close the blood vessels in the area...not sure if it will help but it did me when my glands were all puffed up! :~)

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