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What is a good remedy for a cut on your lip?

Well, it wouldn't be good. Cut off your lip, well how do you talk. Like how do you say moment. Or something like that.


aidurus m

☺collia☺ PaRtY LiKe tInKeRbElL
1. don't bite it.
2. Maybe chap stick will work.
3. They also sel things like chap sticks for cuts on your lips.
4. Time!!
hope there aren't any picture days coming up or anything that would make you look bad with a cut on your lip.

Clown Knows
Surgical grade super glue.

Chapstick= Chapstick helps moisture your skin quickly! Use any kind you desire, but put it on daily, and many times a day. It takes a while, but it's great!

Kim Y
Cuts, sores on the skin or in the mouth is remedied by using a natural spice called ALUM, found in grocery stores.

It is used to turn cucumbers into pickles.

Old wives recipe. Will sting for a bit, tastes very bitter (like an asprin), but heals super duper fast.

punch them back

The thing with cuts on your lips and on the inside of your mouth is that saliva will get on it. Oh yeah. Even when it's just on your lip, chances are you will lick the cut. The saliva is not good for the healing process. It allows bacteria to breed and infects the wound. A girlfriend of mine fell and bit her lip. The wound didn't close up for like a week. WE had to get her antibiotics to get rid of the bacteria there and we were constantly hitting her when she strated to lick the sore. I recomend Glycerine for mouth sores of all kinds. Vaseline is good for cracked lips that are just starting to bleed. But not for deep cuts.

Hi sorry about your lip. The best healing remedy I know of is Elisabeth Arden 8 hour cream, you can get it at The Bay or Shoppers Drug Mart. It's a bit expensive but trust me it's great. Apparently Some horses were badly burned in a barn fire, and this woman use it to heal them and it worked really well. I have also used it on my hands to keep them from drying out in the winter. It really works.

If you don't want to pay for the 8 hour cream Blistex lip balm works. You can even try Aloevera gel.

I hope this helps you. Good Luck!

yolandamaria d
A kiss..xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx...
.........mmm x:)

Keep some salt on it

actually, your mouth area is the fastest to heal.

use some Vaseline to prevent cracking several times a day & just leaving it alone in the mean time.

i would not use chap stick because that will involve a lot of pressure & rubbing on your cut, which will irritate & possibly rip it open again.

vaseline can be applied easily with little agitation to the cut.

neosporin should not be used on your lips because you will likely ingest the product, which is not intended for ingestion.

a gentle kiss never hurt anyone....

unless, perhaps, it is a deep cut, then you should visit the emergency room for stitches.


don't put anything on the wound
especially Elizabeth Arden cream that's full of chemicals
don't use petroleum...it makes no sense
you're mouth is naturally moist
petroleum products are known to be carcinogenic anyway
rinse regularly with either warm salt water or diluted hydrogen peroxide (H202 mixed with water)
your lip will heal very fast with time due to the nature of the skin in that area of your mouth
in the future - to prevent injuries - consider getting a mouthguard fitted by your dentist
you can even buy one from the drugstore
as for pain, you can apply Orabase or Orajel that works as a topical anesthetic
You will heal soon....just give it time
your lip may be a little swollen from the trauma
be careful not too eat fast to avoid biting your lip which will cause another wound and prolong healing time
-doc chick

Blunt Honesty
Time. Your lip heals really fast.

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