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What household item can i go sniff or drink to give me a buzz?

Additional Details

You gotta drink them, not sniff.

Try some bleach, and maybe chase it with some Lysol


Carlos M
This plant is not a scheduled substance and is available to purchase from many online websites. It is SMOKED, not insufflated or ingested. : P

SALVIA DIVINORUM, also known as Diviner's Sage, Magic Mint, Ska MarĂ­a Pastora, or simply Salvia (although the genus name is shared among many plants) is a psychoactive plant, a member of the sage genus and the Lamiaceae (mint) family. It has long been used as an entheogen by the indigenous Mazatec shamans for healing during spirit journeys.

At lower doses spontaneous laughter, mild closed-eye visuals, stuttering or strobing visual effects, changes in depth perception, and a heightened sense of color and texture may be experienced.

Moderate doses appear trance-like. Time distortion and open-eye visuals become increasingly apparent. Fractal patterns and geometric shapes may be noticeable with eyes open, and can be confusing. Many people experience sensations of falling, similar to, but more pronounced than what is occasionally felt at the onset of sleep. The user may experience fully formed visions of other places, people, and events, especially with eyes closed.

At high doses the effects become more powerful and may additionally include out-of-body experiences, perceptions of dimensional distortion, vertigo, sensations of wind or physical pressure, hearing voices, flanging of sound, significant open and closed-eye visuals, experiencing alternate realities, visiting parallel universes, contact with beings or entities, dissolution of one's ego, dissociation and loss of speech. Many users report twisting or splitting feelings. It is also not unusual that, while experiencing the effects, a person will not remember that they have taken Salvia, which can cause the user to panic. A strong feeling of DĂ©jĂ  vu is commonly reported as an effect of large doses of Salvia.

The experience is quite different from that of most other psychoactives and may be overwhelming, even with a conducive, reassuring and comfortable set and setting. Most Salvia practitioners recommend darkness and silence as the best environment, however, minimal, ambient or relaxing music can be helpful.

Donna R
household bleach mixed with a little amonia should help you. You can either drink or sniff .... your choice.

You are pathetic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cut a nasty fart, then sniff it. Or, lick your forearm, and sniff it.

k r i s
some stunned split arss said she had a lighter stuck up her cooz. why dont you find her, and sniff that out. Between the two of you, you probably have enough brain cells to run a whole toy train.

She asked the two questions ahead of yours, and by the sounds of it she is an absolute idiot, so sniffing the lighter fluid from her should be a breeeze.

By the way, you are an idiot too. UNLESS YOU GO GET HELP!!!!

Buttercup cough syrup gives me a buzz if I take too much of it LOL... yeah I know thats naughty!

Sit in a tub of Ice Water. That should give you a buzz


why not go to sleep while you still got a brain to rest.

Nothing - you need help to be that desperate.

you need to get educated huffing can kill you u want a buzz stick your finger in a lite socket. how stupid are you?

You really shouldn't be sniffing or drinking any household products not intended for sniffing or drinking...


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