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Sam W
What helps constipation?

*gone forever*
laxatives of any kind.

A ripe banana

Laxatives just make your system lazy. Try OTC stuff like Metamucil or Benifiber.

A doctor told me to eat an apple a day for that too.

Probotics (sp) seem to make things easier too. Try Kefir, or a probotic yogurt.

Answer Fairy
Well, you don't want to blow a hole in the toilet, so I suggest you start out slow and work your way up.

Start out trying to drink a full glass of warm (almost hot) water. Often, this is the easiest way to "move things along."

If that doesn't work, the add one tablespoon of epsom salt to another glass of warm water. This will work in most cases.

If you find that you're still clogged up, you can drink two tablespoons of castor oil.... but hang on to your hiney! You'll be going in no time at all and it won't be pleasant.

Eat an apple or drink some hot coffee (black, no cream.)

depends what kind of constipation or how severe it is. If you just aren't regular enough, then eating more fiber, fruits, etc will help. Make sure you're drinking plenty of water (you should be drinking 1/2 your body weight in oz per day).

There are products out there that can help you too. Some people use laxatives which will help you immediately, but they probably wont solve the problem.

There are Colon cleanses out there that help you out a lot. You end up healthier and it usually makes you more regular even after you stop taking them. I personally use Oxypowder, but people rave about getting colonics as well.

However, if you're impacted you may need an enema or even doctors attention.

Susan Yarrawonga
As refined sugar causes constipation reducing your intake of white sugar or table sugar (sucrose) might perhaps help. See item 134 in http://rheumatic.org/sugar.htm .

Take a 16oz. glass, fill 1/2 with lt. cranberry juice, add 1tablespoon of baking soda. I guarantee that within a hour you will go. Good way to cleanse the inner body without harsh chemicals of laxatives.

Try Life cereal every other day (not cinnamon type). It works well. If you've been constipate for a few days, try a laxative.

Basically, lots of fiberous foods like oats, bananas, konyaku jelly.

E Sings
Aloe juice and magnesium.

sounnn T
Mulberry can be consumed as a juice, which provides excellent effects against gut diseases. It is mainly used in old people to relieve constipation. When half cup of blackberries is mixed with half cup of water, what you get is nothing short of an effective notion for constipation. For best results, have it first thing in the morning. Other cherries like Elderberry, Boysenberry etc can also be consumed in their juice forms. Rich in nutrients, they facilitate the peristaltic wave-like motion, thereby enhancing bowel movements.

Eat fruit. Like strawberry's. And then when you feel like it go to the bathroom.

constipation can be caused by the lack of exercise and the foods that you eat and the drinks that you take in. so to beat constipation, have a healthy balanced diet like eating food rich in fiber, drinking adequate amount of water each day, getting some healthy exercise to have a regular bowel movement. fruits like prunes, apples, apricot, papaya are great foods to eat for constipation.

Doc. justasinner111
senna lax and now a generic at wal mart can be used everyday.Certain medications will cause hard dry stools.


Linda A
Prunes will do the trick. The SunKist ones (dried) aren't that bad tasting either.

Jen D
Eat two cups of raw, fibrous vegetables (like carrots, celery, and cauliflower) daily, and drink plenty of filtered water. The raw veggies pass through your system incredibly quickly, and sweep out your intestines as they travel. It's safe, cheap, effective, and you should notice a significant difference in about 24 hours.

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