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What happens if you eat a bar of soap?
will you get sick?

isnt it obvious!! u'll have a bad day and blow bubbles from the mouth maybe even ur stomach could get cleaned!!!

Rachel H
you'll be poisoned. otherwise, they should have put "non-toxic & edible" on their labels.

not my real name
you foam at the mouth


you fart bubbles

you'll be as clean as the outside, inside.

bill s
blow bubbles, get the runs, upset stomach. my parents used this for lying when i was 7 years old, worked good.

You may not finish it and barf up.

Did you lose another bar bet?

It is not healthy that's for sure.

There is no need to do such a silly thing so stop.

If your mother washed your mouth out with soap because you are cheeky try another method of punishment like withdrawing an allowance or grounding.

Your spouse will sure like the extra lubricant.

Its too bitter too try

yes cause of the chemicals it has you will have stomach pain

Stargate SG-1
Just get stomach ache and possible diarreah.

Nauseatic maybe. Nevertheless, you will have cleansed your bowels.

sawadi ka
Getting sick has different connotations. If you eat a large bar of soap, digestive problems, upset stomach, throwing up and diarrhea are all likely. If you have an underlying disease, get dehydrated or feel really sick, you should contact the emergency room. Also if the eater was a very small child, elderly, or sick, you can a poison center. Also not that soaps have different ingredients and that should hepl some. Best just not to do it.

you poo bubbles!................really quick i might add

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