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 Can a person on certain prescription drugs such as morphine with a amputated arm get addicted to them?

 Im having trouble sleeping and hate taking pillz...any herbal remedies?
ive been having trouble sleeping for a while and its just gotten worse since i got sick. i hate taking over the counter pillz and am looking for an herbal remedy. im not allergic to anything that i ...

 Does Red Bull really contain bull urine?
i heard that Taurine (an ingredient in red bull) is also in a bull's urine.. is this true?!...

 Why do natural remedies infuriate my doctor?
My doctor gets very pestered when i ask about natural remedies...why is this?...

 Shyness problem.... is there a cure???
Since i was like 7 I've become really shy, Now im 14. I do have a few friends but we're not really close, its like im the nobody out of a group. When people have to choose partners im like ...

 I find myself incredibly tired ALL the time. Is there anything I could take or something more I can do?

 Alternative therapies?
should they be available on the NHS...

 Is there a way without taking any pills, to make me get taller?

 If I dropped Acid on Monday, How long should I wait to drop it again?

 I had to go to the bathroom. But the bathroom was being used. Do u think its wrong that i went in a diaper?

 What are the benefits of sitting in a steam room or sauna????

 Anormal effects on marijuana (Extremely paranoid)?
Last night when I smoked I became incredibly paranoid to the point of which I felt a "geforce" vibe in my body and I felt like I was going to die... I know what you're thinking right ...

 Can this person go into shock?
hi there in a book i am writeing a char has been wounded in the upper calf the wound was stoped bleeding allmost stright away and the wound is not bleeding but is it very bad (clear though the leg) ...

 Help with migraines?
What are some meds that I can try to manage my migraines? I was on Topamax for a period of time, but then it stopped working. I was on Depakote also, but it made me feel sick. I'm willing to try ...

 What can I use alternatively besides caffeine to wake me up?
And is not illegal....

 Is there any natural medicine that i could take to relax and not be so angry all the time?
i get really stressed out at certain parts of the day were everything annoys me and i get real angry. i've seen other people with my same problem take prescribe medicine and there calm all day . ...

 I have trouble sleeping (mostly because of work matters). Can your recommend good sleeping pills?

 Hiccups, best way?
Whats the best way to get rid of hiccups?...

 Spiritual Healing or Reiki?
Have you any experiences from either or which are you most likely to try
Additional Details
darren g/angelhil = double trouble ...

 How often should I consume cannabis?
How many times a day is it okay to smoke marijuana?...

What drug makes you the horniest?
meth maybe?

hhhmmm.. we call it "BALOT" here in the philippines.. its not a drug but its a food from a duck's egg 16-20 days.. they say it makes u feel horny everytime u eat it.. well for me, i dont know i dont usually eat that food.. kinda my stomach wont take the taste.. but others just love it so baD!

The supplement "Yohimbe Bark"

Kay O
Hm no idea ...viagra


never did and wont. meth,
or x,

acid makes me pretty darn randy though

No, not really. In my opinion, it's alcohol. And yes, alcohol is a drug. Alcohol "breaks down walls" that are normally up and strong.


It's X hand's down..

Lilly K
flint stone vitamins

Hi,,,, at your age,,, water should be the only thing you need....

good luck

ecstasy, meth does but you will never be able to complete the deed

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