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 Why DID some say Chicken soup can cure the common cold??? site an example if possible?

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 Your views on reiki?
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Just wondering what your views are on religious aspect, usage, application, effectiveness of reiki?

Testimonials welcome as well.

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 Colon cleansing???
Is it true that some people's eye color tends to go lighter in color when they do colon cleansing?
Is it a scam to promote colon cleansing or does it really happen?
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 POTHEADS plz answer?!!?
me and my friend used to smoke weed ALL the time but we quit for a month or 2 and now everytime we smoke we start freaking out..like extreme anxiety and get very anti-social,shaking and paranoia.....

 Pulled a muscle in the back of my leg. Any home remedys?

 How true are these healing methods?
These are the following healing method we have at present:
1. Iridology- it claims to diagnose disease by examining the iris, the colored portion of the eye.
2. Reflexology- reflexologist ...

 Things to do to improve a depressed body immunity?
what are the natural ways to improve one immunity and prevent daily sickness. issues of autoimmunity..

some simple daily nutrition ...

 Is any free medical questions-answers website do you know? Please.?
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 What are the best foods for keeping eyesight strong?

 What are some home remedies for a sore throat?
I woke up this morning with a bad sore throat and I'm all stuffy. Any suggestions to feel better?...

 My eyes are infected....how much to see the eye doc without any insurance?
i have no insurance and i am a student 19...i dont live with my parents so i pay for my own bills...i'm afraid that its going to be very expensive...does anyone know how much approximately will ...

 Why don't they make drowsy Benylin anymore?
Sometime's i want to feel drowsy, but all of them have caffine in it
Additional Details
What else will make me drowsy?...

What does this mean?? It on a medicine bottle.?
What does "Eat a substantial meal one hour after ingestion" mean??

It means one hour after administering the med you need to eat a nice heavy meal with protien, carbs and veggies. Having a bowl of soup or a yogurt or a fruit is not substantial.

Part Time Cynic
Should you be let loose with medicine bottles?

Not what it means though ...

You should eat a decent meal about an hour after you've taken whatever is in the bottle.
Can go two ways if you don't. You have stomach ache or the meds don't work properly.

It means the drug is too harsh to take on an empty stomach. Do you really want to put something like that in your body? It could also mean that the drug doesn't want to compete with food for it to work. Either way I would find a better remedy.

It means that you should have a regular meal not just crackers or a cup of chicken broth.

Kimberly H
Take your medicine one hour before dinner

eat a real meal after not just a snack

Take the medication, then 1 hour eat a large meal. Like dinner.

It means to eat a good meal to help coat your stomach. The medicine you are taking (like most medicines) can cause stomach upset if taken on an empty stomach. The chemical make up of medicines are usually pretty hard on the stomach when they are broken down by the stomach acids. Unless indicated, it is usually a good idea to take medications with food. Some should be taken on an empty stomach to help them absorb better in your body (the bottle will tell you to take on an empty stomach). Try to eat something with protein and carbohydrates. (A meat sandwich or say, chicken with a baked potato or rice) The fats in the proteins will help make absorption easier and coat the stomach. If you don't want to eat a big meal, milk and/or crackers will help.

Brown Eyed Girl
Take the meds on an empty stomach then eat one hour after you taked the pill. But to make sure ask your pharmacist.

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