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 Do you now of any cures for exzma? iv been to my gp several times and got the same cream! any suggestions?

 Does anyone know how much acupuncture costs?
wondered if anybody has had any acupuncture treatment does it work and roughly how much does it cost really appreciate any answers to this....

 Is honey lemon tea a sure remedy for a sore throat?
Which is what my mom claims....

 What's the best way to get over the flu?

 Low energy and anxiety - alternative cures?
Throughout my life I've had issues with anxiety. I also sometimes have low energy/ am irritable to those closest to me. I am meditating, eating right, working out, sleeping 8 hours a night, but I...

 What combination of vitamins and minerals can I take instead of anti depressants ?
I have a reasonable knowledge of both pharmaceutical drugs and herbal/nutrient alternatives. I am taking SJW, 5HTP and B6. I also take Lofepramine (a tricyclic prescription drug) sometimes to help ...

 At times, when i meet people, and start speaking to them, i start laughing and cannot control it.?
Is it some medical problem or what? I really dont know....

 Stupid question!?
OK... firstly i must explain why i'm asking so ppl don't start calling me stupid and insulting me for no reason. my friend and i were arguing about whether or not it's possible to get T...

 What are safe and healthy suppliment i can take to enhance my engergy level?

 Is there any home remedies for diarrhea and if so what are they?

 Why is pot illegal when its good for our health unlike cigs.?
Pot helps with heart problems, cancer, stomach problems. I just think the more natural thins are the more healthier. God made dirt, dirt don't hurt, right?...

 Can anyone suggest a good vitamin or supplement to help you with energy?
Energy drinks pep me up for a bit but wears off quick. Then I sink. Nothing Illegal please....

 Can they change your eye color?
They have that lasik eye surgery that makes it so you never need glasses or contacts again can they also change your eye color permanetly?...

 How do you know when your an alcoholic?

 Anyone know of a nutritional way to treat the symptoms of ADD?
i really don't want to go the medication route. also i heard there are certain vitamins you can take...any suggestions?...

 Fluid in the ear.?
I had a ear infection about a week ago and I think I still have some fluid in my ear, does anyone have any home remedies or know of anything I can do from home to help get rid of this I am trying to ...

 Weed, a threat or not?
Should i try some weed
Hi a few of my mates have smoked weed before i havent done but i heard its not too bad for you. I would like to try some i have recently found it it can give u like lung ...

 How does someone move somthing with there mind easily?
My father-in-law lost his legs to diabetes and his left arm. That was last month and he might be losing the other arm in a couple of months. I was just wondering if there were in special hypnotic ...

 Swallowed a baggy of mari j whats gonna happen???
so i got pulled over (not really) but i had like an 8th of mj in a plastic baggy.. i swalloed the whole thing so i wouldn't get a ticket for it from the cops and beat down with thier canes.. ...

 Why do GPs tend to be critical of complementary therapies?
as a lot of modern drugs are based on herbal medicine or are considered little more than a placebo so what is the problem? if it is a means to one healing oneself why are some of you critical??

What does smoking a banana peel do to you?equal as pot?

Valentin G
it is called tryptophan, a tryptamine that only increases serotonin levels not give you a buzz but it does have anti-deppresion effects like XanaX. as for smoking it, i dont know.

greg j.
I wouldn't know. Try it, and let us know!!!

Same question as when I was a kid. Next question will be ,"Is it true that smoking pencil shavings gets you off?"

Banana peels have a substance called bananadine which 'can' give a buss but, you need too many peels in order to get high from them...you'll get sick trying.

They are wrong. Don't smoke the peel. What you want to do is take the string things in side the peel (hope you know what i mean by that), lay them out and dry them those will in fact alter you. It is not like smoking bud or anything it is its own kinda high, but it will work.

Not a f ing thing dude, I tried? Recipe from the Cook book !

Like the song says ... "They call it Mellow Yellow" ... and they aren't talking about yellow soda pop.

I am women
Keeping trying it you soon be dead.

Iain the ORN!
Dry them out first then smoke them. Then ponder on why you bothered.

It's not the whole peel that U smoke.It's a certain part of the peel that U dry out.Roll it smoke it & it gets you real high

It makes you a dumb ***....

Plus, the pesticides in the bananas could kill you.....

dare u to try it.

mike k
bananas are good but mango seeds are the best

I don't know do you try it out first or what?

I don't think it is true tho because if it where there wouldn't be any pot heads only banana heads.

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