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What do i give my 6 year old daughter when she has a stomach pain?

It might just be gas pains. Mylicon (simethicone) is mild and will give her relief if that is what it is. Doesn't hurt anything. It is given to babies for the same thing, but works just fine for older kids too (just have to give more.)

Sprite, the sugar and bubbles should help to calm her stomach down. Or anything with a base value to help neutralize the acid.

if u think it is bad digestion , ask about ( Motilium )
enhances the GIT movements

Baby Poots
Persistent stomach pain, accompanied by a fever (even a low-grade fever) may indicate a medical problem requiring treatment by a physician. Even if you don't have medical coverage, consult a pediatrician or family doctor before administering anything. There are free clinics in most larger cities. Don't put your child "at risk".

Kelli C
Noni juice.

if she has a stomachache, you can give her pepto bismol. just make sure to read the side of the bottle to make sure you are giving her the correct dose for her age. pepto bismol is less foul tasting than other stomachache medications, and i think works better for children. you may also want to think about giving her some children's tylenol to help her to ease the pain, and have her drink some 7-up, sprite, other other lemon-lime flavored soda - carbonation helps ease the stomach ache. dont give her any soda that is caramel colored or has any other color to it as that may make it worse.

Sprite is bad. Soft drinks should not be used as medicine.


Info on my page.

tums or peptobismal

7up is the doctors choice. Give her carbonation to soothe the stomach. If that doesn't do it, try childrens tums, or just give her 1 tums. if that doesn't help, you should problably take her to the doctor. NOT the Emergency room unless she's vomiting uncontrollably, or has a fever.

Whatever you do dont give her asprin give her childrens tylonal and take her to the docter

You give her a free ride to the hospital! It could be her appendix bursting!!

Worshipful Heart
avoid pharmaceuticals of any kind- these are damaging to the system. If you are talking about upset stomach, chamomile and/ or yarrow tea is good. Some rich (homemade is better than canned unless you can find a good all natural organic) soup broth is good to settle and coat the stomach also.

Her body is not pepto bismol or tums deficient! Give her something natural

♥ Pretty ♥
Candy :)

I don't think you want to give such a young child Pepto Bismol as I think it contains aspirin which can cause complications.

I would try to determine what type of pain and where it's located. If you think her tummy is just upset, try ginger ale, flat and room temp is better, and remember the BRAT diet: bananas, rice, applesauce or toast.

Sara Lee 23
It depends on the stomach pain....but for now I would say the children's version of Pepto Bismo. If the pain persists then call her pediatrician. Best wishes...

I would Suggest a heating compress wrapped in a towel. They have some good herbal ones that has a calming scent. If that doesn't help. It may be something more serious and a pediatrician should be consulted as it could be more serious then alternative medicines can heal.

jennie s
healthy food so she doesnt get stomache pains

Food. You have to feed them or their stomachs will hurt.

if its extremely intense u take her to da hospital. if its justy minor giv her sum kids peptobismal. it may just be gas pains too.....u could also giv her tylenol.

Pepto bismol or gum (peppermint)

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