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What are ways to stay awake without caffeine?
I'm a college student so as normal I have a lot of studying to do and staying awake is challengeing sometimes. The problem is I can't have caffeine, is there anything I can do to help me stay awake and study.
Additional Details
I can't have caffeine so there for I can't have most teas, energy drinks, or anything that contains caffeine like pops

cocaine. Just Kidding! umm...try to get a lot of sleep, that way you're more refreshed during the day, and I hear that exercising helps get the heart rate up which is supposed to make you feel energized.

Caffiene Junkie
ginseng drinks. my mom takes bee pollun and she said that works really good too! energy drinks work too!

I have recently discovered that apples are better for waking up than caffeine. Try it out and if it doesn't work for you, then the only other option I can think of is ice-cold water.

don't pressure yourself by studying too much. you should rest in between and munch on some fruits like apples. also, i've read somewhere that if you'd get more sleep, you'll remember what you've studied last night better.

For me a drink with red food color will keep me awake, like a cherry or strawberry soda.

Look for an energy drink that keeps you awake..Ive seen many in stores...My uncle had 1 and it was a powder mix u put into water..kinda like iced tea mix..he said it tastes good like mountain dew and doesnt have caffine..it keeps you awake for a while...another way(the method i use) is gargling very strong listerine and splashing is cold water into ur face..thats what i do tho...hehe

Illuminate Me
I needed a lot of studying in college too and taking short walks in the house or in the study area where you are sure its safe, helps. Sometimes dancing/exercising or talking to someone- topics of great interest of course, while taking a break is stimulating.

United Skins Army
nicotine. or just slap yourself in the face...surround yourself with LOUD music!

aleng (^^)v
listen to ur fav musics/songs. it helps. i think

But my friend, the idea of studying is to be aware and cleared minded, how can you gain what you've studied when your eyes is open and your mind is closed, you better get good sleep to gain your effort

Excersize aka go run around the block...or drink an energy drink! or u can take some pills called yellow jackets or any other metabolism source

I'm the same way. I used to drink hot herb teas while doing late night studying. Whatever flavors you like, (except for the relaxing ones of course, such as tension tamers). It works.

try having sugary things that don't have caffeine, jog in place for like five minutes when you feel yourself getting tired, try and keep lots of lights on around you, idk, um, open your windows if it's cold outside to make your room chilly (like they do in movie theaters to keep people awake), uh, that's all i can think of at the moment

Take a shower cold shower!! Drink an energy drink!! I personally hate those drinks but they work for some people

go UCLA bruins!
Maybe it's like in that foam bed commercial, maybe it's your not using a comfortable enough mattress.

Eat real protein. Drink ICE cold water. Stay away from carbs and sweets.

u can sit at a colder place it will keep u from sleeping

definitely let me know what else we can do for this

jumping jacks usually get me up and going . though not recommended for the morning or right after eating. seriously try it works.

sugar. i had to stop taking caffeine in college, but started eating more candy. i then had the chance to laugh at all the people who couldn't stay up late studying because there wasn't any caffeine. good luck. it can be done.

cold showers, breaks & take a walk. Take a 30 minute cat nap

Try bawls

Cold drinks.

Take naps when you can (so you're not sleep-deprived).

If you feel yourself getting drowsy, get up and walk a little - and/or do a few jumping jacks.

there is a drug... don't do it. Plenty of sleep ahead of time. Get up every 30 min. and do one minute of vigourous exercise outside in the fresh air then resume. Don't try to skip and do an hour block.

Best idea yet, find out how to develop better time management skills.

well if your desperate, you could drink a bunch of water and then dont go to the restroom for a while. the feeling of having to urinate keeps your mind from going to sleep. its a desperate thing and it may be kinda hard to do but believe me, it works...

study with other people, conversation is stimulating. even more so if you are all naked, it is college.

I totally understand where you're coming from! I'm a college student too and sometimes the only time I can get homework done is late at night when it's quiet! But then I get so tired. Anyway, I don't have a lot of suggestions. One thing I've tried that has worked before is I get a big bag of sunflower seeds and keep my mouth busy cracking the shells. It helps 'cuz it keeps me alert. That way I'm not just sitting still doing nothing but reading, etc. Besides caffeine, I don't know what else works. Usually I just try to stay awake on my own, but I know...it's hard!!!

Oh, by the way, DO NOT eat chocolate!!! I've tried eating chocolate late at night while studying. For a little while after I ate it I perked up and was ok, but after a while, the little candy "high" wore off, and I was worse than before I ate it! I felt drowsy and just 'bleh.' And plus, candy isn't that good to use as a stimulant, 'cuz it's not good to eat a lot of sugar late at night. (although I have been guilty of this ;))


Take a shower when your tired.

Mercedes A
cold water in the face

Apples, they work better than coffee.

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