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 What is the best way to cure a hangover?

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What are the dangers of smoking hash?
no scare tactics please!...just hte long and short term effects

Hamdi 2007
I didn't try it firsthand, but as i know, the short term effects, if you overdose it may cause heart attacks or sudden decrease in blood pressure both causing death, or if ur mood wasn't stable enough when u smoke it, it may cause u sudden psychological/physiological disturbances.
and for the long term, it damages brain cells and the nervous system as all drugs to.

Bobby the K
NOT addictive.

But I think there is stress on the respitory system, if you go at it pretty hard.
A guy I may or may not know, learnt how to eat pot, and really likes it in that form.

From experience, I know two young men (one early 20's, one early 30's) who smoked only pot and used no other drugs. I know them as one was a client (he had organic brain disorder - controversial as to whether it exists, but something was very wrong with him) and the other was a school friend who was diagnosed bi-polar and suffered schizophrenic episodes. I also know a middle aged lady who smokes it regularly and suffers from manic depression and is bi-polar. As the men had both used cannabis from their teens, it is impossible to say whether or not they would have suffered mental illness otherwise, but the female case only started using in her 30's and had no previous history of mental illness.

Not trying to scare you, but there are consequences - the only people who say there are none are users themselves. I don't know anyone who smokes cannabis regularly who does not suffer at least depression. The three scenarios above are the worst cases I personally know.

It IS addictive. It contains nicotine which is a chemically addictive agent and it is habitually addictive. The more you smoke the less you care about consequences as a general rule, which means you want to smoke more to hide from life.

Comparisons to alcohol are pointless. No-one thinks drinking to excess (to feel the effects) is good for you. Neither is cannabis.

Dee Dee
Oh............I can't remember.


Miss Tickle
long term effects - memory loss, possible schitzophrenia and the obvious lung cancer! oh and paranoia. Impotence is a risk too!

it's ok to have it every now and again - i enjoy a smoke every night, and have done for the last 10 years and i'm fine, just a bit paranoid, but nothing major really !!!

Dr Frank
You should be scared of the dangers, they are real and some are inevitable.

Firstly IT IS ADDICTIVE! Don't let anyone tell you it is not a drug of addiction. I see youngsters every month who come in to admit they are hooked on it!

It increases the risk of depression,paranoia, and schizo-affective disorders including schizophrenia. especially in susceptible individuals.

All chronic users get accelerated brain atrophy (shrinkage). This is the physical brain damage that causes dementia.

I really hope that is worrying enough for you to realise that this is not stuff you should be using.

hallucinations, mind altering and progressive degenrative disease of the mind, possibly leading to psychosis with insane delusions of grandeur.

it will chill u out and u be chilled and happy

all of the above, plus smoking related illness, like with cigarettes.

short term effects - you will be stoned

long term effects - pretty much the same although you are likely to start forgetting things

Look like anything you smoke, its bad for your lungs, gives short term memorie lost.
But , look man at the end of the day...
Smoking hash isnt that bad, having a few puffs now and again.

long term affects your memory seriously can also bring on schizophrenia

Drama Queen
They say its not as harmful as alcohol and that's legal.I've smoked it for years and I'm fine,well as fine as i ever was.It certainly doesn't make you want to go out and stab someone or fight like booze would!

Buck Flair
In rare cases, it can exacerbate mental problems - but you would have to have had them in the first place.

Oh, and the other danger is getting caught with it!

Other than that, it will just mellow you out and heighten the senses - it is far less dangerous than alcohol.

Del Piero 10
Short term memory loss. Lungs like sandpaper if was rough stuff. Possible following day headache (more likely due to the tobacco). Long term, it actually stays in the blood stream for longer than you think and is traceable for three months or more, so if you go for a job that insists on testing then you can get found out long after you think you will be. I've never come across anybody with the so-called paranoia that the "experts" claim. Never install a cat flap whilst stoned. Cat flaps should be near the bottom of the door, not the top.

short term effects are:- you don't care about the long term effects

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