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What Natural remedies can help you fall asleep at night?
Perhaps something herbal?

I use whiskey. Try it, hun--it works.
Also, a mallet to the head might work. It was man's first anesthetic, after all. . . .

There is no spoon
also try Himalayan goji juice. Email me about this

Valerian or melatonin I believe

the problem of going to sleep runs in the family
so i did extensive research and have personally tried almost everything

u want herbal or natural supplement, well , there are many that u can choose from

melatonin, valerian, etc
we cant tell which one will work best for u , unless u try it, each human being is different from the other, therefore one remedy may work for some but may not work for u
i will tell u about the choices that are available,
i think the most popular in the market is melatonin, most peple will advise u to take this
but this in not the best with regards to scientific studies, the best one is called valerian
and i suggest u try this first, u can buy this online, i bought mine from iherb.com, choose the smallest size (mg)
follow the instructions, usually this is taken at nite, just dont take it everynite, maybe 3 or 4 times a week is enough
in a week or two, u can decide if it is working or not
then u can try melatonin
personally, these two didnt work for me, the one that is working for me is 5htp
so if u want u can start with this, u can buy this online and again chose the smallest
take it 3 or 4 times a week, this is very good for me, i tried melatonin and valerian but didnt do good, 5htp is the best for me

michelle a
personally, I like to drink green tea and relax for about 10 minutes before i try to fall asleep. Other nights where this wont work for me, I like Celestial Seasoning's teas such as Tension Tamer or Sleepytime, or a mint or raspberry tea made with honey. Other than that, warm milk or hot chocolate, or find a soothing scent, like bergamont, frankincense, dragon's blood, peppermint, lavender, or anything that soothes you, and burn a candle or oil in your room for a little while before you go to bed. Try www.4gel.com for some really nice candles that burn clean and last for a long time.

Lindy War
try melatonin

kristie c
Try putting a few drops of lavender oil on some cotton balls and placing them in your pillow, lavender has a relaxing and sedative action to it. Also you can try making a massage blend using 1/2 cup base oil such as sweet almond with lavender using 20 drops and putting it on your body it helps to relax and you'll be sleeping like a baby in no time, it works for me.

Melatonin in sleep dose. Also, alcoholic beverages (people often forget it's a natural product, but alcohol is quite natural, rest assured.)
Also taking a warm or even hot bath or shower can help. There are various bath products that claim to be relaxing and help people to sleep that can be added in addition -- the LUSH company makes some all-natural bath bombs like Golden Slumbers that are specifically designed to help one sleep.

Chamomile tea.

stay awake ... eventually, u will pass out

Calcium deficiency will cause insomnia - go get some Caltrate D tablets with magnesium from the chemist - any reputable chemist will be able to help you ................... do you also have achy bones and are really irritable and grumpy?? If so then it's definitely calcium deficiency ............. try also increasing your intake of leafy greens like broccolli, spinach, kale, silverbeet - loaded with calcium. The stalks of broccolli in particular are really rich in calcium. Ooops, nearly forgot - magnesium is the antistress mineral so helps to relax you.


P.S. I'm lactose intolerant and have the same drama !!

warm milk is good, but if you dont like warm milk then hot chocolate aka cocoa, but not with any water, just pure milk with the chocolate

thirsty mind
Sleepy time tea

You could try Valerian Root or Melatonin.


well, i just drink a glass of milk...

i don't actually have any problem with sleeping at night. as my head touches my pillow, i'm asleep...

maybe it's because of my work...

There are a number of remedies and life style activities that can help you sleep at night.

Remedy 1. A warm glass of milk with sugar added. The sugar is important as it encourages the release of melatonin when mixed with lactose found in milk.

Remedy 2 Burn essential oils an hour before bed. One drop of chamomile, 2 drops of Lavender and one drop of Marjoram essential oils in an oil burner should do it.

Remedy 3 Passionflower tea half an hour before bed, or alternatively Hops tea or chamomile tea, or a mix of all three.

Remedy 4 A product by Brauer called Sleep and Insomnia, It is a homeopathic remedy which can be taken before bed and during the alocated sleep time when you are awake, with no side effects that sleeping pills have. Read the directions on the box.

Lifestyle- Make sure you have a balanced diet and your body is recieving its nutritional needs. Be sure to exercise on a daily basis but not too late at night, morning is best. Stretch your muscles, ligaments and skin by doing stretching exercises. Learn to still you mind which basicly is meditation.

Bed Time- Choose an allocated bed time and what ever happens,besides emergency situations. DO NOT get out of bed. Train yourself to sleep. If your mind wonders, still it. Get a good relaxation cd and play it as you drift off. An excellent exercise to do in bed is start at your toes and visualize a gentle blue light slowly encasing your body. Feel each muscle relax as the blue light seeps into your body and feel your body getting heavy as it relaxes. It should take about half an hour to complete as the blue light slowly creeps up your body.

Hope these are helpful.

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