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no one
What's the best way to get rid of a sore throat?
Sore throats in my opinion are the worst way to be sick. :(

Bob P
By far and away the best gargle is a good shot of Cream Sherry, or Drambuie!

For the strong of constitution, a well gargled shot of Bourbon will kill ANY throat bug.......... DEAD!

I know its awful...If i dont get anything...I always get a sore throat...
There's not really much to do about one...I just use the sore throat spray from Chloroseptic and the throat drops they make are really good, they do numb the pain away!

sore throat is caused by streptococcus bacillus. erythromycin is the greatest enemy of this bacteria. you can buy any brands of this medicine in pharmacies. erythromycin is the generic name. its not expensive too. but if u want alternative medicine specially when ur just at home and dont want to buy synthetic medicine, u can have a ginger... minced it and u can have it like a candy... its juice is good for soar throat. the warm water with salt is an alternative too... gargling it specially early in the morning when u havent spoken anything yet wud be a nice time for that too. use a lukewarm water not tap water. i hope this helps somehow

chidambaram k
Gargle with hot water with salt, every day. if it is severe antibiotics have to be taken as per Dr advice. for timely relief chew vicks, halls golis.

A sore throat is the first sign of an infection (bacterial or virus).

I encourage you to move quickly.

Coat your tongue with honey a mixed with lemon juice. Drink plenty of fluids (lots of water, fruit & vege juices). Gargle with salt water (about 1/2 tsp. salt to a cup of water).
Gargle with powdered vitamin C (stirred into a glass of water) and also take a 250 mg tablet of vitamin C.

Remember to get rest and if your sore throat persist (longer than 2 or soo weeks) I would go see the doctor.

Gargleing with salt water helps heal but a teaspoon of honey and a feww drops of lemon juice help soothe.Some sore throatsare viral and some are bacterial if its bacterial try vitamin C and kyolic(garlic tablets they do make these without smell)Garlic has the same properties as pennecillin Good luck

It sounds awful, and it tastes awful but it works. Gargle with warm salt water (4 oz. warm water with 1 teaspoon salt stirred in). It knocks the soreness out within 24 hours. Do it 3 times a day.

Medicine Woman
My Dr. tells me to gargle with warm salt water several times a day and take Tylenol for the pain. Keep your throat moist with hard candy or cough drops and use a numbing throat spray if the pain gets too bad before the Tylenol is due again. If you have it very long, see your Dr. as it could be strep throat which needs to be treated with antibiotics. The salt water should clear up the normal sore throat in a couple days at the most.

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