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 What should i do?
I am pretty sure I have Mittelsmirch. This is a German expression for the middle of the month in regards to your menstrual cycle. Its an awful pain in my side that travels down my leg and into my ...

 Is America a pill popping country ?

 What are some herbal products to improve brain function and memory?

 Is Nicorette gum the best substitute to quit smoking, harmful to health in long run?
I had quit smoking for already 2 years but replaced with nicorette gum 4mg once or twice a day. How does nicotine in nicorette gum affect the health. Is it advisable to stop nd it's difficult as ...

 Can anyone advise on food or a vitamin tablet for mental fogginess and fatigue?

 Medical Marijuana?
Can you get a presription without having a "problem?"...

 What are some positive, upbeat instrumental songs to use for meditation?

 Is it safe to take one a day women's multivitamin and benadryl allergy medicine at night before bed?

Additional Details
i meant take them ...

 If i smoked one hit of weed 3 weeks ago will i fail a urine drug test? if so how can i pass it?? thanks?
ok please none of the sarcastic dont do drugs answers please, i already know that's why im not sure because I dont do it regularly. Thanks for your help and any tips on how i can flush my ...

 How to cure sorethroat in natural way?
i mean ive tried all the remedy over the counter...with all those mouthwash and all...i need help, am having a freakin hard time! I cant even talk! (sniff) :)...

 Are there any common herbs to help stimulates the body immune system?

 I 've had insomnia for many years&tried many things,Can any one give me a natural remedy?
I have tried tilo &naturals and prescribed pills.I can go to sleep but can't stay asleep....

 Sore throat remedy?
I have a killer sore throat. It hurts every time I swallow and i couldn't sleep last night. Does anyone know any sore throat remedies that does not require medication or something like Soothers....

 I got stitches today @ hospital, dog bit my ear, can I call my reg. Physician and get a vicodin prescription?

Additional Details
Office=closed after I got the ...

 What are some natural ways to lower blood pressure other than exercise?

 Anyone know of herbal remidies to relax and be mellow that are legal?

 I need to detox... FAST!?
I'm in desperate need of ways to detox.
I have to take a urine test in about a week or more, and it's only been about a week since I've last smoked. I know cranberry juice and ...

 Is herb and marijuna the same?????
cuz i went to smokeshope and it sad legal herb ...

 Do you believe that some politicians and criminals are working together to keep marijuana illegal?

 What could a person do to boost their immune system?
My husband gets sick a lot and I'm thinking that his immune system could be weak, so I was wondering if there was anything that he could take (ie., One A Day, vitamin C's, etc.) that would ...

Chad[loves you]
What's the best way to cure horniness?
i'm sooo horny right now

think of your granny

Chicken Nugget
hahaha ok find something productive to do. answer questions on Y! to get your mind off of it. =)

You've got some decent answers thus far. I think you should go to that website that starts with an "X" that I told you about, and release a load!

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