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Warren S
Weird question about Tea tree Oil?
Well, I have finally gotten rid of most of my acne cept for the occasional pimple. I always read that Tea tree oil is great for the skin and scars etc. Well from over the years of picking (Yes I am stupid I know!) I have gotten some pink marks.

They really annoy me and I want to them to heal asap. Anyway, I recently found "Tea Tree Oil Foot Repair Balm" in my parents bathroom. It says it's rich in Tea tree oil as well as many other great things such as aloe vera and chamomile.

Should I use it on my face for acne marks left over? You think it would help? If you want I'll grab you a link so you can see what it is..


Anyways that is it^. Think it would work?

you could use mederma scar cream?

ive never used it but its supposto make scars fade

okay here's another product to consider for skin blemishes: Oil of Oregano

after the oregano has done it's job - to keep a nice skin tone apply some Aloe Vera Gel and neat(undiluted) essential oil of Lavender.

I don't think it would work. Tea tree oil has antibiotic properties to fight active acne but it does not fade scars. Ask for your doctor to prescribe retin-A for reducing scars.

Since this item is made for the feet it may be a little to harsh for your face, see the link below for pure tea tree oil and they care many other sizes and formulas if this is not what you want. Also they are happy to help if you can not find the specific product let them know and they will get it for you. Hope this helps

Tea Tree Oil is good for disinfecting. So I put just straight tee tree oil on my breakouts. As for that lotion, depending on what's in it it could actually give you more acne because it might clog your pores.

Things that are good for scaring and healthy skin contain Cocoa Butter and Jojoba oil. Aloe and Chamomile are very soothing and promote healing.

I would seek the advice of a good natural health food store that have educated qualified staff.

Tea Tree is not just for feet. It is good for infections, acne, nail fungus, allergies (under the nose or on rubbed on the chest) and teeth pain (rubbed on the tooth or gums). Rose water is also good for the skin and acne ( spray on face). Try the Aveeno line. Their line contains scrubs, mask-everything. For acne you want to treat the oil and the pores. If you approach it from this angle then the acne will never come. Whether you are female or male. To keep acne away you must use a moisturizer. This sounds crazy but it is true. What ever line you try you will want the scrub, the astrigent, and moisturizer. A mud mask once a day helps. Also dab on a spot of mud mask on the pimple itself, before bed time and just leave it on there all night. Acne is caused mainly from clogged pores. You may have to wash your face 3 times a day. If you are away from home try cotton swabs with your astrigent in a plastic bag. In spare time take out and use.

It's probably too thick/ greasy if it's a "balm". Foot cremes are usually thick. The "repair" it will do for the feet is moisturize & repair cracks & callouses, which you don't have on your face.They put tea tree in them as it has a mild anti-bacterial/ anti-fungal property. (same reason it helps acne, reducing bacteria in the pores).

You could try something with mild glycolic or salicylic acid in it- those products are also good for acne, but also used in many beauty products to smooth the surface of the skin & get rid of the top layer of dead cells.

I am sure it will work, but not the way you would like it too. Foot balm is for the skin on the feet, you skin on your face is much more delicate and therefore needs proper care.

You can use Vitamin E oil or Rose Hip Oil, both are good for scarring. Make sure that you are using a good face wash to keep your skin clean, (here you can buy some neat tea tree oil and put a few drops in some water and rinse your face with it every day / night) - that will help keep the skin clear and bacteria free.

Go and see a dermatologist your nearest beauty salon / spa can also help. They do chemical peels etc that will help with removing scarring as well as something called IPL which is like an intense light pulse which helps with the elasticity of the skin etc.

Rather get a beautician or dematologist (skin specialist) to take a look at your skin and to help you, otherwise you could end up damaging it more, which you don't want.

Janet S
I looked at the manufacturer's website but couldn't find the rest of the ingredients for the foot balm. However, it looks like the main purposes of the product are to deodorize and soften, not heal scars. Tea Tree is anti-bacterial (so helps w/ pimples) but it is drying so usually applied diluted in oil or cream.

May I suggest instead that you try Miracel, an oil specifically known to help get rid of scars. Here's their site: http://www.miracell.com/ Lots of stores sell this, most health food stores & maybe Walgreens or other large pharmacies.

Here are the ingredients:
Apricot kernel oil - tones, softens
Sesame oil - conditions
Caprylic/capric triglyceride - smoothes
Avocado oil - cleans, replenishes
Squalane oil - moisturizes, soothes
Jojoba oil - conditions
Camellia kissi oil - soothes
Aloe vera oil - moisturizes, soothes
Vitamin E - antioxidant, soothes
Lecithin - antioxidant emollient
Vitamin A - protectant, conditions
Vitamin D3 - protectant, conditions
Propylparaben** - food grade
Natural fragrance - Myrrh

Until you find the Miracel, might try a very thin layer of pure olive oil at night. It is healing and light and won't clog pores.

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