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Juan M
Vitamin directions say twice a day. Does this mean 2 pills @ once or 1 when I wake up and before I go 2 sleep?
I am wanting to know the proper way to take these vitamins I was recomended to take. They just say take twice a day? does it matter if I take two at once? or should I take 1 when i wake up and another before I go to sleep? Is there a benefit or a difference, of taking it the two ways? It also says best to take with food? so should i eat first then take it or take it and make sure I eat soon? Maybe I am just thinking about this too hard hahaha I do that alot but I would like to know for sure what exactly is meant, or best way to execute the directions.so anyone know??? this has been bugging me lately. I dont kow why they just dont put one tablet twice a day, or two tablets once a day...how hard is that???

Eat, then take them. Take both at the same time...together.

Vincent D
some vitamins are different. I take a liquid gel that you have to take two with your first meal. It's directions say take two with first meal. if it says take twice daily I would assume that means one at morning and one at night.

Take one vitamin pill with water and food as soon as you can after waking up. Take the second one about 12 hours later with water and some food. You need the water to help
the pill dissolve, and you need the food because you need something else going through your stomach with the vitamin and just about any other pill. Very few pills should be taken on an empty stomach.

One in the am - one by 6pm.

Paramedic Girl
Take one with your breakfast (they absorb better) and another with dinner.

I take my pills half way through my breakfast and then half way through my evening dinner. As the body is digesting food, it may as well add in the Vitamins.

2 tablets - one in the morning and one in the evening.
The vitamins of the tablets are then spread out giving you better nutritional benefits.

one at breakfast/lunch, one at dinner. Take vitamins with a meal.

twice daily means twice in 24 hours.
so go for the one in the morning when you wake up and one after dinner.
if it mattered whether you had food in your stomach or not, it would say so on the packet, so just chill and let them sort you out.
hope they work and make you feel better asap xx

Take a pill every 12 hours for the twice a day instruction. If you try to take 2 pills at once, you are essentially wasting the other one. Your body will only take the vitamin it needs and reject the rest out of your system.

Taking them with food just helps the blood circulation so the vitamin would spread quicker throughout your body. Taking it before or after the meal probably should not matter too much. Yet, since one is usually hungrier before eating a meal. Eating it before should help digesting the vitamin faster.


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