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Additional Details
to the haters: for your info....i have quit so far. 3 days sober...before i was aware i will have to take the test....

Taking speed (amphetamine) and drinking alcohol?
what effect will this have??

Tay_Tay! ‚ô•_‚ô•
YOU'll dieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee... JKES LOL!!!!!!

Apart from the many side effects like Hallucinations, vomiting, the nauseating headache in the morning, and the feeling like your own a rocking ship....?

Speed, whizz, whatever you want to call it, is drug that is supposed to be taken, in order to keep someone working and active, and allows people to work non-stop for 24hrs. However, it itself has many side effects, and the come down is quite harsh, it will also run your body ragged, burning up twice as much energy as it should. This doesn't mean you'll lose weight, it means your body will use more liquids up trying get more energy into the body. Hence dehydration.

Alcohol is a depressant. Therefore cancels out the benefits of Speed, however, you get all of the negative effects, for instance, vomiting, headache (on top of whatever side effects the speed might give you). It's rarely used as a medicine, but when Alcohol is used, it is used to calm the body down, slow reactions, and dull pain. The speed definitely cancels out that last one. It apparently also limits the effect of Alcohol (on the drunkeness side) due to all the senses being on high alert.

My advice: It's rare that someone has a completely good experience with the side effects of these. Speed is quite a dangerous drug unless using it in very small quantities and not very often.

Alcohol is not so dangerous, but can be, depending on which type of Alcohol, if you're going to take speed with anything...make sure it's less than 5% Vol.

Ecstasy or Magic Mushrooms are a much more common usage with alcohol, because they are relatively safe compared to speed (in my opinion). I've not seen anyone die from Ecstasy/Magic Mushrooms + Alcohol (that's not to say anyone hasn't), but I do know people who have died with Speed + Alcohol.

Drinking an exceptional amount of water will keep the side effects down, by allowing your liver and kidneys to work faster, about 1pintt every 20 minutes.

I've never taken Speed, of Alcohol myself, I am however, taking advice from someone who has. (as well as a previous school's Drug Education vid, that actually showed how to take drugs...just safely. ¬-¬_)

You'll probably get hoooked on both and eventally fcuk up your life.... or die....
Depends on your mentality.

Meat Loaf fan
Get you high blinking quick.

Genuine Person!
OPL - criminal conviction and possibly manslaughter or murder if you knock someone over!

as for in your body, well a serious come down and hang over and possibly an addiction if you continue.

Yahoo! Answers Master
I hope you take it and you get burned.

It turns you into a d***head and makes you act all stupid.

Just say NO!

Breezy S
alcohol makes you absorb the amphetamine faster making the effects come on faster and i would assume could shorten the length of the high.

taking paste ie speed and alchol will give you a great buzz but wait for it the the evil *** down is the thing ov ledgens it will hopefully keep you off speed for life ive not touched the stuff myself since rember both substances are depresents and do not mix

Dani M
its harder to get drunk if your on speed
and you might die.....just telling you

just kidding but i dont think thats a great combination

Jf you are taking them you will soon find out. You will blink out very soon. 1 + 1 = 0.

This quickly kills off any brain cells that you might have had beforehand..

i think its harder to get drunk.from what ive been told

Judy B
Death. It is what killed Bon Scott, the first singer for AC/DC.

The problem is that alcohol will eventually make you fall asleep and stop drinking. Speed will keep you awake, so you keep drinking and end up with fatal alcohol poisoning.

Anthony C
amphetamine are a Stimulant alcohol is a Depressant two and two could kill

Rachel R
My sister would regularly do that before she had her son. She became really skinny and wouldn't sleep for days.

Tuomas MacC
Good chance of giving you one, some, or all of:
Heart attack; Stroke; Brain damage; a damn funny night out.

Larry B
it'll keep you awake, and possibly kill you.

Combining the two will raise your blood pressure enormously and possibly result in a stroke.

the speed sort of makes you sober iv found often used to do it years ago danger of not realising how much alcohol you're body is taking in wouldn't really recommend

Luke G
the speed will out pace the alcohol, especially since, if that's your plan, most likely once you're high you'll completely forget about the drinking alcohol part of your experiment, but if you don't forget, the alcohol will not force you to come down, if anything, it's only going to give you a headache many times worse in the morning, because both speed and alcohol will dry you out, this will dehydrate your brain, sooo, I'd choose one or the other quite frankly, sure a few glasses of booze won't hurt, but taking speed and binge drinking sounds pretty stupid to me.

To be blunt....depends on how much you love life - and how soon you'd like to meet your maker......google the result, It'll take you two minutes, tops to find out.

Judge Judy
why dont you just ..remove your liver now

flower power
extreme overworking of the heart...bad combination!!

When you take speed with alcohol you feel less drunk and drink twice the amount. Not to be recommended really.

Go on all you experts keep giving me thumbs down even though I know this for a fact, having taken speed in my youth.

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