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never a repub again
Swallowed a baggy of mari j whats gonna happen???
so i got pulled over (not really) but i had like an 8th of mj in a plastic baggy.. i swalloed the whole thing so i wouldn't get a ticket for it from the cops and beat down with thier canes.. whats gonna happen to me?? am i gonna die???

no you probebly wont die. might get sick and super stoned though. sorry u had to do that though

ur not going to die but u might feel high for awhile also unless u were already taking it before and don't really care do not i repeat do not go in for a drug test for a job cause u will get rejected

UUUUHHHHHH not a good idea. will make you very sick. lol. not sure what it does, google it or something. lmao


dont worry you wont die, but you may get a wee bit stoned, have fun hahahahah 4:20. LUCKY YOU!! Go drink so milk and relax and injoy it/

Its been 18 hours now, do you recall doing anything stupid yesterday?

Quit the illegal drugs. If you smash into my car on drugs or alcohol, I will be sure to have you in jail and have your license suspended for your lifetime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Professor
Possibly not much. You really need to heat it with oil or fat to get it active to injest. You might get a buzz though.

Gin Stem
Ok did you swallow just the marijuana or the marijuana and the plastic baggy itself? If you swallowed the plastic baggy itself I'd be more worried about that.

If you only swallowed the eighth then nothing will happen to you, I highly doubt you even feel a buzz after awhile.

yes u r going to die but not today!u wanted to be stoned, guess you are now.did u eat the baggy too?that could be hard to pass,since u didn't choke on it.u got to pay to play.u should stop.

Keep an eye for it in your poop!
If it breaks open you will get REALLY WASTED! You may want to go to the Hospital if that happens.
Good luck. IF you get really constipated and can't poop you have a big problem! Again to the hospital. Otherwise wait it out.

The bag itself could be an issue, keep an eye on your #2 and hope you see it pass. It could get stuck up in your intestines and require surgery... It should take a couple days at most to pass...

The MJ, not much... Slight body buzz and sleepy.

If you start having stomach pains or notice you are not going #2 like normal go see a Dr, its no joking matter!!!

You cant swallow or smoke enough MJ to OD

Yes, you're gonna die. Bye.

Oh no you won't die,you will live to do many more goofy things!You should pass it soon in your stool,might hurt a little but no more than that amount is ,shouldn't hurt at all.Have you learned your lesson now,or will you dig it out and burn it?

Elijah ben Irit
I'd be more worried about the plastic bag. If you don't pass it within 24 hours, seek help. Your doctor won't care. Good luck and keep the weed out of the car.

She It I do
No you will not catch on fire or start to smoke
.. .. ..
The chemicals in it will pass through you and do not attempt to find it when it does
.. .. ...
Cause if you do now this may cause some trouble
.. .. ..
Eat some fig cookie bars to help it hurry its self out of you
.. .. ..

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