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 Sore throat?
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Supplements that give energy?
are there any supplements that give energy? sorta like an energy drink.. i heard that ginsing is supposed to help. any ideas?

vitamin pills dont give you energy, just a placebo effect.

Susan Yarrawonga
Perhaps a men's energy multivitamin every day might help. They contain extra B vitamins.

i think protein

Chris B
There's two parts to the answer to your question....

Our 'energy' as most people think of it comes from our dietary intake. There isn't any other way for us to obtain energy. We take in a certain amount of food a percentage of which provides our cells available calories to use. The food and drink we consume is our only true source of energy.


Vitamins are natural substances that affect the way our body converts those calories to energy.Different types of cells have slightly different metabolic processes, and use available calories differently. For instance, the largest net consumer of calories in the average human body is the brain. Vitamins in the B complex, particularly B-12, affect the way most cells metabolize available calories, but particularly those in the brain. This is one of the reasons that megadoses of B-12 tend to promote a very heightened feeling of energy and sense of well-being.

Other substances, such as minerals you might find in a multi-vitamin or in other herbal supplements aid in converting substances the body can't use as is, into substances it can, like tryptophan, which metabolizes (using certain vitamins) into serotonin...which also affects your sense of energy and well-being.

Herbal energy drinks can work, but be sure to research their contents on the web and understand how each of them work in the body.

Overall energy, and how you feel can be helped by supplements, but work best in the company of a healthy diet, proper sleep and light to moderate exercise. Do those things, and supplements will take you to another level!

Hope this helps

Vitamins and minerals, give you energy. Get a good Daily Multi vitamin, like Centrum, or some other brand of your choice at your Health Food store . It takes a little time, of taking the Vitamin with your meal, and you will soon notice the increase in your energy.

When you consistently suffer from low energy, it can be a sign that your body is heavily burdened with toxins. The best remedy is to cleanse, to get rid of accumulated waste and toxins from your body.

If your feeling low energy try this fill a glass with soymilk or else regular milk then put a spoonful of blackstrap molasses in it and stir.It tastes pretty good and it has vitamin b and potassium in it.You can buy a large bottle of blackstrap molasses at the health food store. It has helped me when i was so low on energy I thought I was dying.

Saad 4 U
yes ginsing also b vitamins

Jen D
Ginko Biloba
Gotu Kola
Ma Huang (illegal in the U.S.)

Most health food stores carry brands of tea that will contain a blend of these, some also have caffeine.

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