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spooky kid
Sore throat?
ive been having a sore throat for like 6 [i may be exagerating] months....without going to the doctor....what ways can i heal it?im on holidays now so im gonna try most of them in one day..unless directed...i want a natural and possible way of healing it
thank you

try not to swallow...

Hot water with honey and lemon

(The LOON)
Small amount of vinegar...

manuka honey

well, i would say swallowing is good you swallow the bacterial causing your throat to hurt (it works for me I haven't read it anywhere)

Gargling with salt water is very good and soothing. also if you are brave, cayenne pepper, it really does help, sometimes it cures it! What I do is gargle with cayenne pepper, then with the salt because the salt soothes the hot cayenne feeling. Hope it helps and get better soon.

If your a singer.. see a doctor
If your a... see a doctor
even if ...see a doctor

gargle with salt water that works great
and some halls

gargle with salt water

Sore throats that are triggered by acute ailments such as cold or throat infection are temporary sickness. If your sore throat is longer than six weeks, not mentioning six months, you need to seek a physician's opinion immediately.

Any good health-care specialist would have recommended you to a medical doctor long before it reaches six months.

When a sore that is longer than six weeks, other diagnostic approach needs to be examined. Tests need to be done to make sure there is nothing foreign growing in the area.

Unless you are using the area to sing everyday, but still it is way too long. Once you have had the appointment with the doctor and he makes a diagnose, if you still would like to seek alternative medicine route, you can still do so.

Do not wait any longer.

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