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Other than going to the doctor, whats a homemade cure for a urinary tract infection?

Jason A
stay away from sugar, drink plenty of water and cranberry juice.

Mrs. Chill
Lots & lots of cranberry juice, plus at least once per day drink some dill pickle juice.

Gallons of Cranberry Juice all day. Seriously.

besides a **** load of cranberry juice....i'd say if you have it..and it hurts to urinate..i'd just go to the dr'.s...or find some antibiotics..Like Septra, or Bactrium...you need 325mg twice a day..for 5 days..if you get that be sure to eat yogurt with it, cause if you don't you can tottally get a yeast infection and that worsens the uti..

good luck

Not necessarily a cure, but it will help with symptoms. Cranberry juice and lots of water. UTI's need antibiotics to clear them up completely. Sorry buddy, see a doc!

drink cranberry juice, they even have uti pills now (over the counter) but the juice works just as well

Wal-Mart/KMart have this medicine called AZO; get some. drink lots of water, and cranberry juice. good luck.

stay away from sugars,soda, caffine lots of wather you need to flush the kidneys

Anna W
Hi Tyson!

Drinking cranberry and water - A LOT of them - are the most common natural ways.

Best of luck

NONE! Cranberry juice, water, and over the counter junk only PREVENT a UTI, they DO NOT CURE one! You HAVE to see a DOCTOR ASAP before it turns into a kidney infection because it will.

every-ones body is different--you should seek a physicians help
UTi are dangerous and will effect your kidneys if not taken care of.
And all the juices..water etc might help: a little, or not at all. some people require IV fluid to help instead seek help always

TTC!! Mother of a 3 year old!
Lots of cranberry juice. They also have cranberry pills that you can take that I have heard are alot better.

BB Martin

The suggestions to drink cranberry juice and water are good - find unsweetened cranberry juice though because too much sugar will defeat the purpose.

A powerful but natural remedy for infection is called colloidal silver. It was used by the medical profession for hundreds of years as an effective antibiotic before the invention of prescription antibiotics.

One of the cool things about colloidal silver (colloidal means tiny particles suspended in a liquid) is that it only nukes the nasty bugs instead of killing all the good things in your body too like prescription antibiotics do.

This is a suggestion. You should look into colloidal silver on the Web.

My husband had a gnarly chest infection last year and colloidal silver was the thing that finally handled it.


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