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Natural diarrhea remedies?
I currently taking amoxicillin for an infection but the side effects are that i have really bad diarrhea. I am unable to take medicine for the diarrhea as you are not allowed to take any with the antibiotics. Does anyone know of any natural remedies to help with it?

just put two spoonful wheat flour in a glass of cold water ,stir well and drink...

Try hard boiled eggs.

Aberdeen Tyke
a cork or bottle stopper

Try and see if these home-remedies work for you:

sip weak tea (plain)
soda crackers

Kay G
brat - bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast. good luck.

Bin There
That is your Da*n antibiotics for you. About 4hrs after taking your Antibiotic, get and take some good Pro biotics to counter the destruction of the Antibiotics. The best is Dr. Ohhirra's ProBiotics found 12+ on line.
Eat some roughage (high fiber) and take some Vitamin C &E. the two work together. Then some good fish oil (low Mercury)

Shaun the Sheep
Take some probiotics! You can buy Actimel, Yakhult or even capsules from the chemists.

It won't go away completely until you've stopped the antibiotics, but the probiotics will help your gut recover sooner.

Lisa J
You need plenty of fluids to replace what you are losing through the diarrhea.

Ice tea is fine and will also help againt the diarrhea.
Rice water. Boil the rice and drink the water. You can eat the rice as well, but the quantity of rice you are going to feel like eating is limited, while the rice water can be drunk in larger quantities and has the same effect.


grate an apple and leave it out uncovered til it goes brown - then eat it. The brown is the oxidation and that forms and it is this that sorts out the diarrhoea. It is gentle on the stomach too.
Drink water and if its really severe you will need to replace salt too - boiled rice cooked with salt is ideal.

Then take some top quality pro biotics when you have finished your course of anti-biotics.

Yogurt with live culture in it....it will revive your natural bowel friendly bacteria. It will help with gas management as well.

Drink lots of boiled (safe) water to avoid being dehydrated,
Boiled rice water: just boil like e.g. 1 cup of rice in 2 liters of clean water and drink the water warm or cold. If you do not like the taste, just add some pure melted bitter chocolat to it. No milk chocolat as this contains milk, butter and sugar which are foods to be avoided when having a diarrhea.
Eat only :
raw grated carots, UNripe bananas,
peeled-seeded and sliced oxydated appels (left out to turn a darker colour for about 10 to 15 minutes),
plain ham, plain homemade appel sauce without sugar,
DO NOT eat or drink any kind of fatty/greasy foods such as dairy products, oils, butter and no flour, no sugar as some of these foods ferment in the digestive system.
If you stick seriously to this diet, you should be OK after 1 or 2 days. You can then eat some low fat/skimmed yoghourt to "feed" your intestinal flora as it is called.
Maybe you could also check with your doctor to see if there are some specific foods you should eat while taking this specific antibiotic to avoid this situation.
I am sure this diet also works wonders when having diarrhea due to taking antibiotics.
I wish you all the best and quick results.

I was always told to drink lots of water and NO sugary drinks like soda or sports drinks.

loads of CURDS!!
try some TEA acts like an astringent!!
else u can take tab LOPERAMIDE twice daily ,it is harmless and controls ur BOWEL MOVEMENTS
All the best

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