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Natural antibiotic ? 9 weeks pregnant with a tooth ache.?
I was wondering of a natural antibiotic i could take. i am 9 weeks pregnant and i have a terrable toothache. i know its infected and i need something but i really hate the dentists in my area(ins problem too).
any help would be greatly appreciated.

Your best temporary relief should be cloves as some other
friends suggested above.
You must see a dentist and get the required done.
At a later stage the toothache might increase, then it
would be more difficult.
Best of luck with your toothache and for your to be wonderful

Janet C
Garlic is has a natural antibiotic in it called allicin. The suggestions for the use of clove are excellent as it has natural numbing properties. Before taking garlic, I would suggest thinking this through seriously. I don't know of any cases where garlic has harmed an infant or unborn fetus, but I would check with my doctor, just to be certain. Tell them that you are interested in holistic practices and alternative medicine and that you wanted to check with the doctor before taking this. If they say it's all right for the baby, take two capsules to begin with, then one capsule four times a day afterwards, breakfast, lunch, dinner and at bedtime. Do not continue with the dosage after 10 days. You should feel some relief in three and if you feel you don't need it after 7, then quit taking them.

Best of luck, and please remember to check with your OBgyn.

I have heard that coconut oil (extra virgin centrifuged) has a natural antibiotic effect....it would possibly be good for the fetus too--ask a qualified practioner about it....don't know for sure but maybe this might give you an avenue to research.
Kind regards,

Charles S
Dental infections tend to cause endocarditis if not treated appropriately with an antibiotic. Please, go see a doctor

Cinnamon is a natural antibiotic.

Cloves will numb the pain, smash or chew (with your other teeth) a bit the put it where it hurts. <-- almost as good as Novocain.

Well if it's infected the only thing to do is to get your butt to the dentist. That's not good for the baby either. As for the pain, oralgel.

Richard F
You must protect your baby and go to the dentist and get it treated. Please don't wait. You may limit your options, if you do. There is nothing you can take that will keep the infection out of your body. Anything you take is only temporary and that is exactly what you do not need.

An infection can spread -- and yes, it can spread to your baby. Get yoru tooth taken care of. It is worth the money. Most dentists will let you do a payment plan if you talk to them about it. The longer you wait, though, the more it will end up costing you, because it will take more extensive treatment. Pregnancy tends to cause tooth decay to worsen -- I'm not sure why. For this reason, most obstetricians and midwives will encourage you to seek regular dental care while you are pregnant.

Your best option is going to the dentist and get it treated. You're pregnant, and you need to protect your baby.

You can take a whole clove and stick it in your cheek where the tooth is or some ground clove mixed into a thinck paste with water and pack it around the tooth and it will numb the pain. You have got to get to the dentist (even in another town) though as the worse the infection the more risk there is to the baby. Good health begins in the mouth.

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