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Paige W
My throat hurts... from throwing up?
I think it's from throwing up at least, because I throw up maybe once or twice a week. I'm not full-on bulimic though. I mean, I don't do it every day. What are some good home remedies I can use to help my throat? Because I don't think it's bad enough to actually see a doctor. And I hate taking medication.

Your throat hurts from the agitation from throwing up. The tissue is designed for intake not expulsion. The acids from your stomach irritate and inflame these tissues. I suggest you see a therapist and discuss this with your parents. This "throwing up" will damage your throat, and vocal cords. Please seek help before permanent damage is done.

If your throat hurts, imagine what you are doing to your esophagus, the tissues of which are no where near as durable. You need to stop vomiting, period, end of story. Or you will end up in a hospital with an erroded esophagus that will require a tube to be inserted through your abdominal wall and into your stomach to feed you. It isn't fun.

Well don't be bulimic even for one day! Try 2 stop then if your throat still hurts u should see a doctor i don't like taking medication either but iv'e had 2 take it any way! I hope my advice helps u it may not be the best but good luck!

You may think you are not "full-on bulimic" but you are in denial. Anyone who engages in self-induced vomiting has a serious psychological problem and needs to see a doctor before the addiction becomes any worse. You can do permanent damage that no home remedy will help to overcome. The important thing is not to cure the sore throat but to cure the eating disorder.

The only thing I could suggest would be drinking a little baking soda solution (check the box for use as an antacid, it should have ammounts to use) when you're done puking. That should help neutralize the acid, so it doesn't ravage your throat.

♥ Diana
It is Bulimia no matter what you say. Gargle with salt water, and seek prof. help.

Mike M
Your doing damage to the lining of your throat with the stomach acids that you are throwing up.This won't stop until you find a way to stop what your doing.

I know it sounds repetitive, but don't throw up. When you vomit, it can damage the lining of your esophagus, PERMENATLY! it can also wear away the lining of your stomach and the enamal on your teeth.
Trust me you don't want to deal with it.
But if you insist on damaging your body, there are numbing throat sprays that can help, or you could take an antacid (OTC) to lessen the amout of acid in your vomit.
I highly advise you to stop such a destructive behavior before it becomes a much bigger problem.

well my freind you do vomit too much and may have done some serious damage to you esophagus. The possibles are a molory-weiss tear or you may have some acidic ulcers (which can become precancerous.) These are very serious and you need to see a doctor. The esophagus is something that should never hurt and if it does it is almost always something that should not be blown off.

First off, stop forcing yourself to throw up. That is likely what's making your throat hurt. Quite literally, the bile from the vomit is eating through the tissues in your throat and can do a LOT of long-term damage.

That being said, you can use any major base to reduce some of the acidity in your throat (sodium bicarbonate works for a lot of people to reduce acid, but that's more-so in your stomach, not your throat).... but nothing will completely remove the acid before it does damage. Also, drinking a lot of water can help wash some of it back down.

Usually the things to help correct the effects of vomiting are as bad as or worse than the vomiting itself.

Kelley E
In a moment, I'll tell you some things that can help to heal the damage you are doing. But first...the solutions I'm offering won't keep working if you keep doing what you're doing.

Actually, the pain you're feeling is from the acids that are corrosive to your esophagus. You're laying the groundwork for esphageal cancer.

But more than that, you're creating bad breath that toothpaste and mouth wash won't touch. Not even close.

You'll need several things to heal your injury.

DGL to heal the sores you've unknowingly created

Slippery elm to soothe and heal.

Aloe vera juice. Get George's if you can, it tastes like water. Sip it after letting it swish around your mouth for 15-30 seconds. Your saliva activates it.

PB-8, a superior probiotic that'll sweeten your breath, and is good for your skin, and your immune system. As a bonus it can help flatten your tummy.

Good luck and be well.


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