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My family takes garlic supplements to prevent colds and flu. Is there a way to give garlic to my 1 year old?
I'm really not asking for your opinion on whether garlic works or not. Only my 1 year old has had colds/flu this entire winter. I would like to know if anyone knows a way to give a toddler garlic supplements.
Additional Details
I'm not looking for ways to shove a garlic pill down his throat, but thanks medical professional. CPR wouldn't exactly help anyways if a garlic pill was stuck in his throat. I might have to give the heimlich a try on that one if I was stupid enough to give him a pill.

Thanks to all who answered. I tried it on some of his food tonight and down it went!

Maybe you should wait until he is older so he can take them himself!?

Do you know how to do rescue breathing or CPR if he chokes on it?

What is your plan of action for the garlic?

How will this benefit an underdeveloped immune system--- wait to give him supplements until he is of age when his liver and other vital organs can process it and break it down adequately.

Maybe you should re-think your adult question and start thinking about how to foster good, healthy, natural immunity thru a healthy, nutritious diet.

I wouldn't think giving a supplement to a one year old is a good idea.

Are you sure its safe to give garlic like that to your 1 year old. Id check that out just in case.

just mix some pressed garlic or juice in with the bottle food.

I wouldn't recommend giving a supplement to a one year old. Maybe a little in with the food, but that's it. Talk to your pediatrician.

P.S. - I love garlic and it helps me too, I just cook with tons of it!

Check with your Pediatrician and see if a one year old can have a flu shot.

Since my Husband and I began getting flu shots about 6 years ago, we have not had a cold or any sort of the flu or sinus problems.

It might help.

Normality Enemy
I think you should talk to a doctor first but here are a few ways:

-Sneak garlic powder into foods
-Try right-sized pieces of pizza

If you are concerned about garlic, yoghurt also improves the immune system. The acidophilus causes the body to increase the production of gamma interferon and improve the performance of killer cells.

pured with a Strong tasting food your child likes a lot. I know you do not want opinions, but I think you are doing a great thing for your child on this one.

Garlic works- supplements don't. Once you process the garlic you lose the allicin content. The only way to reap garlic's benifits is to eat it in it's natural state. This is the same for all foods. Depending on how picky your child is try cooking the garlic (I know- this too reduces the allicin but raw garlic is most likely too "spicey" for a one year old) with his favorite vege's or add to pasta or make a tasty dip.
Check into possible allergies that your child may have- allergies often seem like illness even to doctors. A simple blood test which you might have to insist your doctor do will let you know.

Depending on your child's digestive system, you can mix a tiny amount of garlic juice into his food, especially Italian dishes (ravioli, spaghetti, beefaroni) which kids around that age begin to enjoy.

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