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*Siberian Husky Owner*
My daughter has a belly ache what should i gave her ?

miss molly

Do you have any idea what is causing this belly ache? Is it cause she ate too much candy, or does she have an ulcer, is it caused by stress, has she ever had this before, or is this the first time? Does she have the flu, eaten something different, been somewhere and ate some bad food?
If you don't know what is causing it, it would be better to see a dr. then ask someone on the net.

If you want natural. Use aloe Vera juice found in your local health food store. You will need to mix this with a fruit juice. My father always had some of this stuff in the fridge. You can also drink this once a week to keep the stomach functioning properly. Also, yogurt is good, since it has live active bacteria cultures in it. This seems to help sooth my kids tummy when it's upset. If there is diarrhea present, let her pass it. After a few hours of passing, give her the Pepto-Bismol. The reason I say this, is because you can give the child Pepto to soon and their bodies won't release the sickness. Let the child go to the bathroom a few times before giving Pepto- Bismol. Another natural thing that always works is pure 100% APPLE JUICE! It seems to go down quick, and she'll go to the bathroom, and whatever is making her sick will be passed!

pepto bismol for kids-that really works

rolaids...or pepto bismol

Peppermints and sprite. Have her lie on her stomach. I don't know why it works, but it does.

7-up or applesauce a little bit at a time also Pep-to is dangerous for children it has aspirin in it and can cause rye-syndrome even if no fever peppermint is good also Good Luck

kroger brand pedialyte. that is what my child pediatrician told me to give my daughter because it is gold for alot of things.

If she can eat a peppermint candy it should help. Or candied ginger should help (if you have any at home). Both are much better than giving her something like Pepto-Bismol that has salicylates which could cause her stomach to bleed.

You asked your question about 4 days ago. I certainly hope that your daughter no longer has a belly ache.

I suggest that you research answers concerning your daughter's health in advance. Sometimes, time is of the essence. When a person's health is at stake, we cannot waste time waiting for answers from web sites such as these.


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