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 Is there a vitamin or natural product that can help ADD in children?
Is there a natural product or vitamin that will help a child suspected of having ADD? Also any comments from parents that have put their ADD children on prescription drugs and have they helped or ...

 Home remedie for Nausea and/or Vomiting (for adults)?
I believe there is something with lemon. What's the proportion to water? Thanks!...

 What is a natural remedy for hair loss, to stop thinning of hair?
or even grow hair back, topical or whatever type of treatment, any advice, suggestions, etc? Thanks....

 Curing trush on newborn tongue naturally (natural remedies)?
heard about gentian violet how can i use it and in which part is it harmful to babies?...

 Why do so many altmed fantasists also believe in 911 conspiracies?
so many of your wacko sites link to 911 "truth" sites.
Additional Details
aimee: well they have something in common i.e. there is overwhelming evidence against both. Also a lot ...

 Sore throat?
ive been having a sore throat for like 6 [i may be exagerating] months....without going to the doctor....what ways can i heal it?im on holidays now so im gonna try most of them in one day..unless ...

 Am sorry i need to over come laxatives abuse but i dont no how help?
can i get my bowls to work on own again ...

 Best homeopathic medicine for insomnia?
i lost my father in jan in painful condition,,now me unable to sleep witout alpax etc..meditation also not works,pls guide any homeopathic med for ...

Cabbage Leaf
Leaping off of the empire state building?
I realised there was something I had forgotten

Mary D
Bungee rope ?

OK whatever you say! LOL

Your parachute


Thats alright, my dear...
The Brain of Britain just took the haversack, so you get to take the parachute!!
Isn't that right?

Mike T
That the floor is hard?

your parachute??????

erm ok lol

Droopy Dog
So how can you be here in YA? laptop on the way down?

know look monkey!it's not going to get you anywere.DON'T DO IT MONKEY DON'T DO IT.
where's my ice cream!

Mr. X.
Never mind it's too late now!

How big of a spot you will make on the sidewalk

the camcorder ?

Call if you need Me.
You forgot your brain you idiot.

That you couldn't fly........oops

Did you forget to switch the lights off again?

Don't tell me, you'd left the oven on.

des r
Empire state building or 6 storey building, same difference. Your maximum top speed will be 160 mph regardless of the length of the fall. Put your arms out wide for maximum wind resisance and you might survive.
For maximum visual effect, turn yourself to a diving position and land head first. See how long it takes them to identify you...

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