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Is there nutrition in the cannabis plant?
I know the seed is nutritious, but what about the leaves etc?

like spinach and other greens like broccoli are considered healthy to eat, aside from getting you high would eating cannabis be nutritious?

wouldn't touch the stuff if it had the best nutrition in the world

it is too potent to be eaten in any quantity to be nutritious. you couldnt eat enough cannabis for it to be nutritious because if you did you would probably be stoned dead. you'll get the munchies and eat more and more till you so stoned out of your little head that your dead!

No, but it makes great curtains!

Spinach is better.
Or broccoli
Or brussel sprouts

last i heard, the more you take, the more you will have the munchies! so i dont think there's much nutrition there do you?

Nancy Kay
not particulary

sticky fingers
yeah man !

Try some and let us know!


Yes. The seed contains various essential fatty acids and quite a lot of protein and carbohydrate. The leaves are high in fibre and will inevitably be high in magnesium and B vitamins, like all other leaves. I wouldn't be surprised if they were also high in iron and silica, because they are related to nettles and those are high in those nutrients.

Probably the best way to extract the nutrients would be to juice the leaves, precipitate the juice with some kind of organic acid such as citric, then press it out through muslin. The fibre is quite coarse.

However, the problem is that the plant has a mystique to it due to its psychoactive properties, which leads to very biased information about Cannabis. If you compare the research done into less glamorous plants such as, say, Plantago lanceolata or Galium aparine, there is a notable difference in how ostentatious the claims are, so i wouldn't trust any source which deifies Cannabis. The flipside of this is to regard all plants as sacred and a gift from God or the Universe to all other life on Earth, if your world view happens to be inclined towards accepting the supernatural, or as an important part of the biosphere if you're of a more scientific bent.

The Cannabis plant is the most perfectly balanced and nutritious food on planet Earth.

The leaves of the Cannabis plant contain a wide range of minerals, some of which are not found in any other plant source. By consuming RAW Cannabis leaves you can remineralize your body and rebuild your endocrine system. Most people on the planet are suffering from mineral deficiency, which is the route cause of many illnesses.

The seed of the Cannabis plant is quite possibly the most nutritionally balanced food source within the plant kingdom.

Cannabis seeds are an excellent source of: Essential Fatty Acids, Complete Protein containing all eight essential Amino acids, Minerals, vitamins and trace elements

Seed nutrition.

Cannabis seeds contain a near perfect balance of the Omega 6 (linoleic acid) and Omega 3 (alpha-linolenic acid) Essential Fatty Acids. These cannot be synthesized by the body and must be present in our diet. EFAs form the building blocks of cells and our immune system. A diet lacking in EFAs can result in a reduced immune system, which can lead to illness. Most peoples diet in the west is seriously lacking in EFAs. 30 % of the Cannabis seed is fat. 20% Of the Fat within the seed is unsaturated Alpha - Linolenic Acid (LNA -Omega 3) and 60% is unsaturated Linoleic Acid (LA - Omega 6). A perfect balance for humans.

Cannabis seeds also contain gamma-linolenic acid, a very rare oil essential for human development. GLA helps reduce cholesterol levels. The body converts LA into GLA by means of an enzyme, to protect itself from arthritis, premenstrual syndrome, and other conditions.

Cannabis seeds are an excellent source of easily digestible protein. The main reason for its digestibility is the high ratio (65% of total protein) of Edistin. Edistin is a sturdy protein that is pure and highly stable. Edistin is so complete and nutritious that studies done in the early 1900s demonstrated that it could serve as the sole source of protein in the diet of animals.

There are eight proteins that are essential to life, the essential amino acids. These proteins cannot be made by the body and must come from our food. There are two further proteins that the body cannot make in sufficient quantities. These compounds must be consumed in their natural form. The complete protein in Cannabis seed gives the body all the essential amino acids required to maintain health. It provides amino acids in the necessary types and amounts the body needs to make serum albumin and serum globulins, such as the immune-enhancing gamma globulin anti-bodies- the body's first line of defence. Just a handful of Cannabis seed provides this minimum daily nutrition for adults, and a bag full of it would provide all the essential protein, oils, and dietary fiber necessary for an adult to survive for two weeks.

Santa claus
wouldnt it be easier just to eat ya greens

just ask MS sufferers! it helps them turn back time!!
and live a reasonable life again.. the ones that have tried it>>> ask the scottish granny who bakes the cakes.. n dinners!! bless her.. at least its free and not a drain on the NHS.. LOL x

Alex F
To my knowledge no. Cannabis is a really great multi purpose plant (easy to grow and every part of it has lots of uses). I have never heard of the leaves/trunk being mentioned as a food source (which makes sense since it has fibers to make clothes which would be beyond your ability to digest), so I would assume that only the seeds are for food (they are actually one of the most nutrious plants you can eat....not very common knowledge).
As far as the getting high goes, theres actually only one very specific part you can eat for that to occur (the bud), it doesnt exist on a lot of strains (including the ones used for food), nad requires some ammount of preparation to do.

The plant is an excellent methana trapper, and you'd be much better using it (non seed parts) as a fuel source to cook your other food than to nibbling at mostly indistible plant matter.
Hope that answers your Q!

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