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Is there any medication to regulate irregular periods?
I have about 4-5 periods a year. I was just wondering if any one knew about any kind of medication or supplement I can take to regulate it?

try askijng your BGYNE

sunita p
I am acpressure therapist. You have harmonal imbalance. so is the problem. To rectify need to talk to u. But still i can guide. Roll pencil on sides of the both wrists. U might get some pain or tingling sensation. Do this thrice a day. Avoid 1 hr. after food. It will help u drastically.
All the best
SP 9870020060

If you are old enough birth control. If not when I was younger I was given Provera. Very easy to take and while I was on it I knew exactly when i would have my cycle.

Test BOWEN THERAPY for your trouble. You can have some goods results.

~Lillith of Eden~
Are you very thin? being malnourished can cause your problem. I would recommend a healthy diet and a vitamin supplement.
Birth contrlo pills can also help.

Dropkick Murphys - Cadence to Arms (Scotland the Brave)
Even my VERY Scottish Grandfather learned to love this rendition..careful, its loud though....

BIrth control pills. I had the same problem, so I got on the pill and it worked. Then I got off the pill and back to irregular periods :(

birth control pills work best, i would go c ur OBGYN and ask them they would help u best! good luck with that.

talk about this with your doctor. birth control pills are commonly used as hormone regulator, getting your period back on track.

Anna M
4 to 5 periods a year is very un-common even for peri-menopausal and menopausal women. What is your age?

I would suggest to see an OBGYN to get a consultation. Menstratiing women between 13 to 35 should have regular intervals of menstration lasting between 3 to 5 days each month if all health issues have been addressed.

Ask your Doctor to do a PAP.

Yes bith control pills . that is what they gave me.. long long ago{lol}

Sweetie ..? I am surprised your "Gyno" has not put you on medication to regulate your cycle. already . This is every important as you get older it will be difficult on your system and maybe to conceive children. Go to and talk with them asap...good luck.

Yes, of course. See your regular physician or gynecologist. Your periods can be regulated easily with medication

I would say birth control but you should really talk with your GYN doctor about this.

yup....it's called birth control.

birth control pills

The pill will make your period like clockwork...if I took my pill at the exact same time every day...not only did I know the exact day it would start...but usually the approximate time (within 3 hours or so)...freaky...huh

BUT....the reason why I needed the pill to regulate my periods was because I had little or no periods. Even now, I only have 4-5 a year...this is not normal!

Have you spoke with your gyno and run tests to determine why you are not having your periods every month? You need to...and don't let him (or her) blow you off saying it is normal....I have PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) and all my tests came back normal...yet I didn't have periods and couldn't get pregnant. (we're still trying)

Perhaps periods like that are more common than I realize...but PCOS is present in about 10% of teenagers and women and is the leading cause of infertility! I would just hate to see someone not realize that there are things they can do while they are still young and not start taking the proper medication until it's too late.

Anyway, talk to your gyno...and if you don't think he is taking it seriously enough (it could be harmless, but better safe than sorry)...then talk to someone else.

I had to go through many doctors and gynos before they started listening to me that something wasn't right!!!!! Dr's can be self-absorbed and be annoyed when patients come to their offices informed...like a patient is too stupid or something...I was treated like a hypocondriat because I would come in complaining about really minor things...rapid, unexplained weight gain, blood-sugar issues, depression, no periods (I had a dr. not even BLINK when I told him I didn't have a period for 3 years!!!!!), etc.

Ok, sorry, I got totally off the topic...haha...hope your questioned was answered somewhere in that rant...LOL


In health food stores find Vitex (Chaste Berry) tincture and take 25 drops a day. Keep it up, it takes 3-4 months to work. It should regulate your periods. Also minimize cramping.

Reegulat birth contol pills help to regulate periods, talk to your OBGYN

try birth control pills

I would sugest a visit with your gyno and tell him your troubles. Birthcontrole may not be the right answer depending in what he finds and your future fertility goals. What you describe is what I have just went through and we found out I don't ovulate, (the reason for no periods). The reasons for this could vary and vary in severity as well for example endometriosis. Such things can inhibbit your fertility and left untreated can cause permnament damage. Medications and/or simple surgical procedures (as I just had) can usually resolve these issues farily quickly and easily if caught early. ( these are very common problems a LOT of women have). But your best bet is to make a appointment ASAP. Good Luck!

Yes I Am The Gorgeous One
seasonale wont dothat...

Actually if your in your teen years then your period is irregular due to body changes. If your over 18 then you might wana see a doctor .Most likely the doctor would give hormones (birth control).

Birth Control. A regular birth control will give you a cycle every 28 days, and if you want to get on Seasonale that will give you 4 periods a year. Get it? Seasonale, like a period for every season! But some people dont like that because they cant really tell if it didnt work and if they might be pregnant. but try regular birth control.

sandra s
your hormones are going crazy right now, you could try soy, that help to balance your hormones

yeah, birth control pills are used to regulate periods

sOuL dOcToR
Homeopathy :-
Take PULSATILLA 30C thrice a day half hour before meals, since you have not given any details. This is usually the head remedy in homeopathic medicine for irregular periods. Report back with your progress after taking it for three days.
Take care and God Bless you

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