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Is there a vitamin or natural product that can help ADD in children?
Is there a natural product or vitamin that will help a child suspected of having ADD? Also any comments from parents that have put their ADD children on prescription drugs and have they helped or not.

Lulu Wartooth
I was actually looking around for one today, and there has been some research on a more natural supplement.

Found it here: http://www.psychologytoday.com/articles/pto-20000101-000019.html

The best thing you can do for your child with ADD is be there and be supportive of their creativity and curiousity while helping guide it towards a tangible goal. There are a lot of resources on "ADD coaching" that are worth looking into before you start trying to treat it with supplements.

Also, you may want to get a professional opinion on whether or not your child really does have ADD. A lot of kids are just fidgety and wired, and giving them any kind of supplement before being positive about the diagnosis could be harmful if there is nothing wrong.

ADD is caused by children's minds not developing normally, because of a lack of use. Sitting in front of a TV for hours and hours every day watching mindless cartoons does not give a child's mind the exercise and mental stimulation they need to develop properly. The best things that you can do for ADD are to throw away your TV set and give your child's mind plenty of exercise, that is, plenty of things to do where they actually have to use their own mind and give them plenty of teaching and plenty of good nutrition.

Hello try the Batch remedied products these really do work they calm a person depending on what you want to calm down or enhance.
They work wonders

Or you can take vitamin B12 and vitamin B6 all known to help nervous systems Brewers yeast is the best option for that.

I strongly recommend the following link. I took courses from the School of Natural Healing and everything I've tried works. Research what Dr. Christoper says about ADD.

Fish Oil, Borage Oil, and Flax Oil. You can do a web search on all 3 by looking up "benefits of fish oil for children". Do this for all 3 and read through the listed sites. These oils can be mixed into a smoothie or food for easier consumption.

I just heard a lady talking the other day and what wonderful improvement she has seen in her child. I have heard some very good reports from parents with children with different issues. I could send you a copy of this report if you want. Let me know. God bless you. <><

One could consider trying piracetam. It's been used in Europe for many years as a cognitive enhancer, and has shown benefit in Attention Deficit Disorder.

Thanks to the obstructionist attitudes of the U.S. FDA, it has been unavailable in the U.S. except when imported from Europe. But supplement companies recently have begun selling it on the Internet.

I just took my 10 year old off her meds that she was on since she was 3. I took her to a natural doctor and she gives her adrenal support and st. johns wort. She's been on supplements for about 3 mths and just got her report card in....she got honor roll and has never been a honor roll student before so they are so much better for her.

Nutrition is important. Structured, healthy meals will help.... Garbage IN, garbage OUT... for kids, too. Learn about nutrition & provide a well rounded healthy diet for your child, on a CONSISTENT basis & I promise that you will see an improvement!

lexi m
The best thing is to cut sugar out of the diet and put them on a healthy meal plan. Then try to cut out things like excessive television and video games. Children are meant to play, not sit around all day and stare at something. It only makes sense that as soon as you shut that off the kid will be bouncing off the walls. I don't think medicine will do anything. It might calm the child down, but is it good for them. I always think that there are other alternative to try before resorting to medicine for a child.

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