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rich e
Is there a remedy to get rid of lice on a 3 year old?

Cern Annwn
Hi there,

Just to add to what others have mentioned, if you do not want to use over the counter products, teatree oil is a very commonly used antiseptic product used to kill head lice. Yes, once the lice are killed you will need to comb out the hair with a lice comb to remove any eggs. If your child does not mind, (well, if the child is 3 I guess if you don't mind) shaving the head is the easiest. Bedding and clothes will also need to be treated. It's a pain getting rid of em but it's not difficult. Again, I prefer natural methods verses Kwalada and other over the counter products.


Lweendo M
Yes there is.Visit a pharmacy or a clinic.A shampoo form of remedy would be convenient.It's quite simple really.

Maa Su
Camphor dissolved in coconut hair oil, massaged for a few days... 12 to 15 or so will gently get rid of the lice. Lice eggs hatch between 3 to 7 days, so be regular. Wash hair with gentle baby shampoo after medicated oil is kept overnight.

Definitely get rid of older combs, and hair pins etc.
Clean pillows and wash all cloths and soak in water with a large dose of antiseptic like savlon or dettol.
Do this for other members in the family as well.

teddy bear
You can buy an over the counter kit at the drug store. I also suggest you do some major house cleaning, even if it is already clean. Wash all your bedding in the hottest water you can. Spray all your furniture, carpets, toys etc... Good luck

Use Kwell shampoo..

go get the lice treatment from wal-mart and buy extra spray. you are going to NEED to wash all bedding and vacuum every bed, couch, chair, and carpet you see. use the spray on it first. then take all of the pillows the child uses or has been on in the last week and spray them and put them in big plastic garbage bags and put 'em away for at least 2 weeks...when you remove them from the bags, vacuum the heck out of them. on the child however use the shampoo that comes in the kit and then get in some really good light so that you see the eggs shine in the scalp they will be at the base of the neck, around the ears, on the crown of the head, and some will have went out in other areas but concentrate on those first. i recommend if the 3 yr old is a boy to shave his head...but if a girl then you are gonna be pickin for a long time. don't get frustrated though cause if you miss just one they will be back strong in a week. good luck to you and your child =)

amy b
my daughter was getting this at school and i found that letting them fall asleep with head on your lap and using a lice comb worked best it will take hours but you need to not give up or it will never go away.Wash all bedding and make sure you check all heads in house with comb, (sometimes you need comb because you will not see crap but it will be there.I then went to wal mart and looked at all lice shampoo and there was a permytherine ingredient or something close.If you look in the bug bomb section at the blue box of raid this ingredient is in the bug bombs.I set them off in house and we have not had a problem since.Needless to say since i saw that a bug bomb and shampoo contain same ingredients i refuse to use these shampoos on her head.recheck head every night for 3 weeks do not forget.Also as we know african americans do not get lice as easly as others it is because they put a moisturizer in their head so i bought Pink its a hair brand conditioning and i squeeze some into every bottle of shampoo i put in the girls bathroom, im not taking any chances.its been over a year now and no problems.

You can buy herbal shampoos that will kill the lice & nits, but it won't remove them. After shampooing, use the accompanying lice comb to very carefully go over the child's head, looking at each strand of hair and picking the bugs out, one by one. Do this in a well lit area over a period of 2 weeks. In the meantime, wash sheets and anything else that could have come in contact with the lice.

put about 3 or 4 drops of tea tree oil in the kid's shampoo, that'll get em off. it worked for my sister

Mix tea tree oil with olive oil (about 50:50), rub it on his head and then use a lice comb.
you may need several more applications of oil and combing.

Rid if you can, I don't know how old you have to be, but that works ok. What really works, although it is really weird....put a lot of mayonaise all over their hair before they go to sleep and put a shower cap on their head. Leave it on all night and wash it out in the morning. My little sister was getting lice at school and rid was getting too expensive everytime she got it so my great grandmother told us to try this and it worked. Let me know how it goes.

Smother them in mayonnaise or vegetable oil soak the hair and use a shower cap . Treat all sheets with Borax and hot hot water in laundry and your family should use shower caps and tons of vegetable oil too.. get a nit comb to get the nits out , the kiddoes may need a lollipop to keep em sitting while you separate the hair on em to get the eggs out. Do this until the lice are gone .Using the poisons to kill lice can cause leukemia and bad things in humans

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