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Is orange juice good to take when your sick?
I have a head cold and I need to know if orange juice is better to drink instead of tea or water.

orange juice and other citrus products are mucus formers and should never be used when you are sick

Neither should dairy products

Susan Yarrawonga
Orange juice is good for you at any time because of the vitamin C content and also the citrus bioflavonoids in it that are very good antioxidants.

Once you have actually contracted a cold orange juice will not help much. It will, however, help to improve your immune system so will get fewer colds and they will be less severe.

Orange Juice is supposed to help when you are sick, because it has alot of Vitamin C, which helps boost your immune system...which is also why it is supposed to help you fight off colds to begin with.

Off course these are rick in protien, vitamin, proteen. It help to recover by giving energy fast.

Orange juice has mold and can weaken immune system.However fresh orange juice is good but not enough when you are that sick.

vitamin C baby yea!

yup! but be sure to consult with with your doc or pharmacist to be sure. you might be taking other medications that could interact or could modify the action of the drugs you are using when you drink orange juice or tea. but if your not taking any meds.. sure! it contains lots of vitamin C that builds up your resistance. :)

sure you get more nutrition from OJ than regular tea or water but you can have those also.

YES , vitamin c is actually very good for a cold.

drinking water is excellent but a few glasses of OJ will give your a boost of Vitamin C and help your immune system out.

You need to drink both water and orange juice. The orange juice has vitamin C which helps with the cold. The water keeps everything in your chest loose so that you can cough easier and clear your lungs to prevent a worse infection rather than just a cold.
Good luck, hope you feel better soon.

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